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April 18, 2003

(Georgie glances back and sees Maxie and Lucas enter and kisses Dillon)

(As he enters with Maxie) So, we'll double-check my mom's on duty tonight then...(sees Georgie kissing Dillon) Georgie? (Georgie pulls back and turns around to face them)
Georgie: Oh, hey guys. (To Dillon) Follow my lead
(Lucas and Maxie walk up)
Lucas: Who the hell is this?
(Georgie stands next to Dillon with her arm wrapped around his smiling at them)

Georgie: This is my date...the one I told you about? (To Dillon) That's my cousin Lucas Jones whose kind of my cousin but not really
Dillon: What's up?
Georgie: My sister Maxie.
Maxie: Hey.
Lucas: You got a name?
Dillon: Dillon Quartermaine.
(Georgie looks at him surprised)
Lucas: We know all the Quartermaines, I've never heardof a Dillon.
Georgie: Right. So we wanted to check out that movie, right? (Tries to leave)
Maxie: (Stops her) In a minute. So whose your dad?
Dillon: Paul Hornsby.
Lucas: If your father's a Hornsby then how does that make you a Quartermaine?
Dillon: If you're really Georgie's cousin, how are you kind of not?
Georgie: Maybe his mom's a Quartermaine?
Maxie: You don't know?
Georgie: Oh, geez. We haven't been over each other's life histories, I mean...
Dillon: Ok, I don't know why I'm explaining this but, my mother is Tracy Quartermaine. Her father is Edward, that's my grandfather, I have a brother named Ned, I've been all around the world and now I'm here.
Lucas: How long you been in P.C.?
Maxie: (While Lucas is talking) Wait, I thought you met at the Cybercafe last week?
Geogie: Oh man, you guys are total freaks. I mean don't you have some lame party to go to? So go. Dillon and I are late for the movie. (Starts to try to leave again)
Lucas: (Stops her) Georgie. Are you sure about this guy?
Dillon: You know my life is seriously fuller having met you guys. (To Georgie) Are we out of here?
Georgie: Like 10 minutes ago. (Dillon takes her hand, she leads them out) See ya.
(Maxie and Lucas watch them leave)

(Dillon and Georgie walk back inside after seeing Lucas and Maxie are gone)
Georgie: You have no idea just how much I owe you.
Dillon: No, it's cool.
Georgie: No, really, you were there for me like right in front of my sister. How did you figure out what was going on anyway?
(They sit down at a table)
Dillon: Um, I don't know, it's kind of like that Cukor film. You know the one with Kathy Hepburn (eats something) and Cary Grant in it?
Georgie: Is it old?
Dillon: Um, majorally, but it's still a classic.
Georgie: From the 70's?
Dillon: (laughs) Um, older. I don't know, it's about this guy and these two girls and this just kind of reminded me of what happened. Forget it.
Georgie: Oh, well, if my life were a movie, I would definitely be the sister getting dumped on every day.
Dillon: You know, like in that Molly Ringwald film, you know the one where she turns 16 and then nobody even remembers?
Georgie: Yeah. Yeah, now that one I know. Stick to the 80's and higher.
(Both laugh)
Dillon: Well, anyway it's like that movie
Georgie: Yeah.
Dillon: So you got to crash this party, you know that.
Georgie: No way. If I do that my sister will lock me in the dryer.
Dillon: Well, yeah, maybe, but I mean if you don't rist it, you're never going to end up with the guy, right?
Georgie: I don't know
Dillon: Um...well then I guess I'm going to get going (gets up and starts to leave)
Georgie: (Gets up and stops him) No. No. No, wait Dillon. (Dillon stops and turns back around) I'll go to the party...but, I really need your help.

(Georgie and Dillon walk inside. The party is already started)
Georgie: Ok, maybe this was a bad idea. (Starts to head for the door)
Dillon: (Grabs her arm) No. No. No. No. No. No. Come on. This can be fun. Just think of everybody here as a character
Georgie: Ok.
(They head further in and stand off to the side)
Dillon: Like um...ok, you see that guy?
Georgie: Where?
Dillon: Right there?
Georgie: Mmm-hmm
Dillon: Remember that Sean Penn movie before he went all political?
Georgie: The one where he's a stoner?
Dillon: (Nods) Tell me that's not him (Georgie looks at the guy and smiles) Come on, all right the guy's like a complete clone.
Georgie: You're right. That's awesome!
(Kyle notices Georgie and Dillon and walks up to them)
Kyle: The nasty little sister.
Georgie: Gross. What are you doing here?
Kyle: You crashed my party, now I'm here looking for fun. (To Dillon) Dude, she's totally not it.
Dillon: James Spader, "Pretty In Pink"
Georgie: (Smiles) Definitely.
Kyle: You're new and a poser (girl walks by) I'd watch your back. (Follows the girl)
Georgie: (Happy) That rocked! He is such a jerk. All right, it's my turn
(A drunk Maxie stumbles over to Lucas)
Lucas: Hey.
Maxie: What's up?
Lucas: Kyle's here. I'm going to kick him out.
Maxie: Well, forget about it, it's not worth the time. (Turns around and wobbles)
Lucas: Whoa. How many of those have you had, Max? A little bit?

(Maxie laughs)
Georgie: Dillon, I can't believe Maxie's not wailing on me yet.
(Lucas and Maxie walk up)
Dillon: Heads up. Spoke too soon.
Lucas: You ditch the movie?
Georgie: (Puts a hand on Dillon's shoulder) Yeah. Dillon thought a party sounded cool.
Dillon: (Sarcasticly) Yeah. Cause I mean how cool is this, right? You guys don't mind us crashing do you?
Maxie: (Drunk) No way! Come on I'll show you where the key is (pulling Dillon away) (in a sing song voice) Come on. Come on.
Dillon: Great.
Lucas: Hey. Sorry about before.
Georgie: No. I'm the one who should be sorry. Look, I don't know Dillon that well, Lucas. I mean, he seems really super nice...
Lucas: Be careful getting into it with a guy, you know before getting them
Georgie: we're just friends, like, honest. Really.
Lucas: Is that why you were macking on him at the diner?
(Georgie looks nervous)

Georgie: Kissing Dillon, was, I don't know an experiment.
Lucas: I don't get it.
Georgie: Well we met at the Cybercafe, and he told me he thought I was hot.
Lucas: (laughs) Ok.
Georgie: Which is so weird, cause Maxie's always putting me down and here comes this guy out of nowhere!
Lucas: Maxie's, just giving you a hard, Georgie.
Georgie: Whatever. So I kissed him.
Lucas: Did you like it?
Georgie: (Nervous) No. Absolutely not. (Dillon walks up) I mean Dillon's super nice, but not...
Dillon: Not so nice when you get to know him. I'm a total jerk.
Lucas: Sounds about right. What are you really doing here, Dillon?
Dillon: Just hanging with Georgie. (To Georgie, his voice raised) This music sucks, you want to dance? (Georgie laughs)
(Mac comes in)
Boy: Drink! Drink!
Boy #2: Chug that. You better chug that right now.
(Maxie sees Mac. He turns on the light)
Maxie: Oh, no.
Mac: (Taps on the table with a vase) Boys and girls I'm Commissioner Scorpio, anyone who does not vacate the property in 60 seconds is going to juvie for the night. (Everybody gets up and starts to leave) Leave your keysbehind. Pick them up tomorrow. (Kids drop keys in the vase on their way out)
Dillon: I can't believe I'm in a town where the cops raid keggers
Georgie: Yeah, you'd better go.
Dillon: You going to be okay?
Georgie: I hope so.
(Dillon so looks like he wants to kiss Georgie but doesn't and then turns and leaves)