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May 5, 2003

(Went a little picture happy :) )

Maxie: Kyle admitted he acted like a jerk and...he invited me to a party.
Georgie: Which you said no to because you'd never go near that guy and you're grounded.
Maxie: Look, it's no big deal. Jeez, I was just elling you what he said.
Georgie: Look, the words "Kyle" and "party" don't go together anymore. Remember?
Maxie: He was being really nice.
Lucas: Maxie, you're acting like you want to go.
(Maxie just sits there obviously considering the idea)

(Elizabeth brings Maxie and Georgie their food)
Georgie: (To Elizabeth) Thank you.
Lucas: I can't believe you're actually goin to Kyle's party.
Maxie: I never said i was going.
Lucas: So you're not?
Maxie: I'm thinking about it, ok?
Georgie: How can you even speak to the guy after what he did to you?
Maxie: He feels really bad about it.
Lucas: Maxie. Blow the guy off.
Maxie: He made a mistake Lucas, haven't you ever heard of forgiveness?
Lucas: He invited you to the party, Maxie just so that he could hit on you all over again.
Maxie: Kyle is sincere.
Lucas: On what planet?
Maxie: Get a life Lucas. I know how to handle mine.
Georgie: Okay, look obviously you guys got some talking to do so (To Dillon) let's get out of here, Dillon.
Dillon: What?
(Georgie gives him a look hinting for them to leave. They walk out together.)
Georgie: Come on.
Dillon: What's the rush?
Georgie: I...I need your help with something.

(Georgie and Dillon walk into the house)
Georgie: Mac won't be back for hours so we have the place to ourselves.
Dillon: So what? Did you want to watch a movie or something?
Georgie: Actually, I was kind of wondering how you'd rate that kiss I gave you.
Dillon: (Pretending to not remember) I'm sorry. What kiss I...
Georgie: The one at Kelly's by the phone.
Dillon: Oh right. Yeah that one.
Georgie: Could you be more specific?
Dillon: How?
Georgie: I don't know. Did I do everything right? Did I open my mouth too much? Was it too hard?
Dillon: You know, I really didn't analyze it.
Georgie: Well, think ok. You've been all over the world and lived in places like France and I don't have much experience. But you do. Look, I'm sure you've kissed lots of girls.
Dillon: Well, yeah sure.
Georgie: So will you help me? Look I know it's weird but I want my technique to be perfect when I finally kiss Lucas
(Dillon's face falls)

Dillon: You know, if Lucas kisses you, just go with it. Be natural.
Georgie: That's easy for you to say, you know what you're doing.
Dillon: Ok, you know it's not really about knowing what to do kiss somebody because you like them and because you want to.
Georgie: I don't want to kiss Lucas like some clueless loser. I'm sick of pretending to be cool and everyone around me is talking about boyfriends and dating and...
Dillon: You know, sometimes people act like they have it all together and really don't. And underneath they're just...just as insecure as he next guy...or girl.
Georgie: That's true. But you really have been around. People in Europe, our age are more experienced, right?
Dillon: Well, some.
Georgie: I've never had a chance with Lucas and...well cause he's always had this thing for Maxie. But now they're fighting and so...I know Lucas likes me and if there's a chance for us to be anything more. I want to be ready. So will you help me?
Dillon: Why not? (Starts moving towards her)
Georgie: Oh. Well, do I just stand here and wait for you?
Dillon: Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.
Georgie: Which way do I move my head?
Dillon: Just whatever comes natural
Georgie: But I don't want to bang noses or anything
Dillon: Would you just follow my...follow Lucas' lead?
Georgie: All right. (puts a hand on his shoulder. Dillon walks closer to her and puts a hand on the side of her face and starts to lan in but she pulls back) Wait. if you tell anybody about this, I'll have to kill you
(Dillon smiles and puts his hand back on her face after gazing into her eyes and then leans down and kisses her!)

(They pull back awkwardly)
Dillon: You know what? This is...this is really weird.
Georgie: No, it's like research. You know like in Biology lab.
Dillon: Yeah. Well, if Lucas kisses you, I think you have the hang of it. So you'll be cool.
(Door opens and Maxie walks in)
Georgie: Maxie. Hey.
Maxie: (To Dillon) Look, you better clear out before Mac gets home
Georgie: Excuse me. Dillon's my friend don't order him around.
Maxie: Yeah, well we're grounded ok? So either I tell him to leave and go back to the Quartermaines or wherever he's staying, or he can wait til our father, the police commissioner, comes home and goes postal.
Georgie: Dillon is not a criminal
Dillon: Ok, you know don't worry about it, it's cool. I don't want you to get into any more trouble than you're already in. I'll see you later, Georgie. (Leaves)
Georgie: Since when are you reminding me of being grounded? Since when do you care?
Maxie: Since I've decided to show Mac I'm following the rules.
Georgie: And you are. Right?
Maxie: With maybe one small exception.
Georgie: Maxie are you thinking about going to Kyle's stupid party?
Maxie: Look, I told you ok he apologized.
Georgie: So what? Are you really that clueless?

Georgie: Lucas is right. Kyle's a total freak. You can't trust a thing he says.
Maxie: Look,you weren't there when he apologized to me.
Georgie: Look, I've talked to Kyle enough times just to k now he's a total player.
Maxie: Look, I can tell when someone's being sincere, and Kyle's sorry for what he did and he's looking at me in a completely new way. He likes me. He said so ok? And if I go to this party, it could be the start of something. I mean maybe I'll even be his prom date.
Georgie: Wy would you even want to go there?
Maxie: Kyle is the hottest guy in school. Any girl in my class would kill to be his date.
Georgie: Why doesn't he ask somebody his own age? Or has he already blown it with them?
Maxie: Georgie, he's trying really h ard to fix what happened ok? And if I play this right I could be his prom date
Georgie: Just don't do anything with him ok. Go slow.
Maxie: How slow? Like a kiss on the cheek on the 10th date?
Georgie: Maxie, i mean it don't let him talk you into what happened last time.
Maxie: Look, nothing about his is like last time. (Phone rings and she picks it up) Hello?
Kyle: Maxie, it's Kyle.
Maxie: Kyle. Hey what's up?
Kyle: I know I apologized for this, a couple times already, but everytime I think of what I did, I feel worse so here it is again...I'm really sorry.
Maxie: Thanks that means alot to me.
Kyle: Well that's what I called to say, so I'll see you at school.
Maxie: Wait. What about the party?
Kyle: You'll come?
Maxie: Only if you keep calling me with apologies.
Kyle: You got it.
Maxie: Bye. (Hangs up)
Georgie: I really hope you know what you're doing.
Maxie: I do. Kyle's really changed.