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June 3, 2003

[Lobby ~ Outside of prom]
(Lucas walks in dressed in a tux and sees Kyle and walks over to him)
Lucas: I cannot believe you're showing up here after what you did to Maxie
Kyle: Like I care what you think
Lucas: All right, you know what? If you think she's showing up tonight, forget it. She's too embarrassed
Kyle: Hey. I wanted to take Maxie tonight ok, but her father's a whack-job. He ordered me to uninvite her. I didn't have a choice.
Lucas: Hey, you know, I just don't want you messing with her anymore.
Kyle: I'm not. I'm out of the game, she's all yours. Admit it man That's what this is all about. You wanted the chick all for yourself
(Georgie walks in)
Georgie: Are you going to say hello to your date?
(Both Kyle and Lucas look at Georgie)

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(AJ and Skye walk through and Dillon's coming down the stairs dressed in a tux)
AJ: Anyone in the living room?
Skye: I don't think so. (Sees Dillon coming down the stairs) Hey. What's the occasion?
Dillon: Debut of my magic act. (Sits on the steps) And I...(starts to tie his shoe) start my job as a maitre'd and I might just stop by prom.
AJ: Who's the unlucky girl?
Dillon: (laughs sarcastically) I'm going solo.
Skye: Ooh. Just like AJ when he can't find a date
(Doorbell rings and Dillon stands up)
AJ: Where in the hell is that butler? (Skye walks to the door) Ugh!
(Skye opens the door to reveal Maxie)
Maxie: Hi.
Skye: Ooh.
Maxie: Um, would you tell Dillon that his date is here?
Skye: Uh, Dillon you might want to see what popped out of your hat.
(Dillon finishes walking down the steps and sees Maxie. Maxie shuts the door)
(Kristina cries and AJ and Skye walk out)

(Kyle walks up to Georgie)
Kyle: You look good kid
Georgie: Thanks. (Walks over to Lucas) So, shall we?
Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Actually, no. No I'm sorry no one's allowed in yet.
Georgie: Oh.
Lucas: Some conference ran late and the decorating committee's still setting up. I cannot believe Kyle. He doesn't care what he did to Maxie. He's got like no conscience.
Georgie: He's clueless and misinformed like most of our generation. (Lucas sighs) Can we not talk about Maxie's problems tonight? Look, I'm your date, your mine, etc., etc. and vice versa.
Lucas: You know what? You're right. You are right. I'm way sorry. And way lucky. (Georgie laughs) And every other guy here right now is envying me.
Georgie: I'm not interested in the other guys here. I have your boutonniere.
Lucas: Oh. Yeah. That's right I totally forgot. I got this for you. (Pulls out her wrist corsage) it's for your wrist. My mom said it doesn't get in the way as much. There we go (puts it on her wrist) Great.
Georgie: All right. Hold still
Lucas: OK (watches Georgie pin his corsage on)
Georgie: There. (Looks at her corsage) Oh, it's beautiful.
Lucas: Yeah, mine too. Is it supposed to be this small?
Georgie: Right. Well hey I know some kids who booked a room upstairs to hand out in while we're not dancing. So, so what do you say we check it out? I mean, I mean while we're waiting
Lucas: Yeah, cool. Let's do it. (Holds her hand)
Georgie: Yeah. Let's do it.
("do it" representing a different context than Lucas')

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(Maxie walks over to Dillon and pulls him off to the side)
Maxie: Georgie's planning on having sex with Lucas tonight.
(Dillon looks hurt but tries to hide it)
Dillon: Well it's her life.
Maxie: Right. Like you don't care?
Dillon: I'm not going there to make a scene if that's what you want from me. Sorry.
Maxie: I want you to help me keep Georgie from making a huge mistake Dillon.
Dillon: Yeah, you know somehow I doubt she sees it that way.
Maxie: Of course she doesn't. She's got this little kid crush on Lucas, OK, and she's going to end up trashed and hurt.
Dillon: Like you did?
Maxie: Yeah, OK? Like I did.
Dillon: Why don't you tell her that?
Maxie: I tried to. She thinks that sex is this magic potion that, I don't know, will somehow equal love.
Dillon: S plus E plus X equals L
Maxie: Capital L
Dillon: I'm guessing in your equation sex equals humiliation?
Maxie: Capital H
Dillon: So, I bet Lucas is uninformed, as always
Maxie: Exactly.
Dillon: And?
Maxie: And if we discuss this much longer, Dillon, my sister, who's very goal-oriented will reach her goal. So your either my date and you give a damn or your not and you don't.

Lucas: Hey, call my cell when the prom gets started
Guy: Gotcha (leaves
Lucas: (To Georgie) Lead the way. Georgie starts to pull him and he follows her, but stops when he sees Dillon and Maxie walk in hand in hand) Whoa. Did you know anything about this?
Georgie: No. (Lucas starts to walk towards Dillon and Maxie, pulling Georgie with him) Last I heard she wasn't coming.
Lucas: Surprised you decided to show
Maxie: Yeah well it was last minute
Dillon: (To Georgie) You look good
Georgie: Would you guys please excuse us? I need to talk to my sister (takes Maxie's hand) (To Dillon) Thanks. (Pulls Maxie off to the side) What the hell are you doing here?
Maxie: I'm looking out for my sister.
Georgie: Forget it Maxie, you are not ruining this night for me

Georgie: You know what I have planned with Lucas tonight so don't try to stop me.
Maxie: Wait planned with Lucas? That would mean he's actually in on it
Georgie: You had your shot with Lucas but you wanted Kyle and he had his shot to come back to you after Kyle hurt you for like the 15th time, but he chose me
Maxie: To take you to the prom OK, not to sleep with you, Georgie
Georgie: Category of "none of your business"!
Maxie: Oh, great. I'll just go talk about it with Lucas then OK?
Georgie: You do it and I will hate you for the rest of my life.
Maxie: Maybe it's worth that, Georgie. To make sure that you don't make the same mistake I did.
Georgie: I'm not making the same mistake. You slept with Kyle.
Maxie: So that he would like me!
Georgie: So that you could get in with the cool people!
Maxie: Listen to me, I blew something extremely special on someone that did not appreciate it OK?
Georgie: Which is why I've made the right decision. Lucas will appreciate it and he'll realize I'm the one he loves
Maxie: No, Georgie, not if you trap him this way
Georgie: Just stay out of it Maxie, or, I swear you will be so history. (Leaves and walks over to Lucas) Hey.
Lucas: Is everything cool?
Georgie: Yeah, fine. Can we just go up to the room? I need to get away from Maxie.
Lucas: Yeah, sure um...after I talk to Dillon for a second. Here you head up, I'll be right behind you. Is that cool?
Georgie: Room 410. Hurry.
Lucas: OK (Georgie leaves and he heads over to Dillon) Got a second?
Dillon: Yeah
Lucas: Listen, I don't know what you're doing here with Maxie, but she's in a bad place, and I don't know if your planning on?
Dillon: Hold on. Cool it for a second OK Why don't you tell me what your deal with Georgie is first.

(Kyle walks over to Maxie)
Kyle: I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to spit in my face right now
Maxie: Please Kyle. I really don't want to talk to you right now
(Lucas walks over and steps in front of Maxie)
Kyle: I just wanted to say I'm sorry
Lucas: I told you to stay away from her and I meant it.

[Room 410]
(Georgie's lighting candles and waiting for Lucas. There's a knock at the door and she opens it to find Dillon)
Dillon: Heard there was a party
Georgie: You're not invited (tries to slam the door shut but Dillon catches it)
Dillon: (walks in) Yeah well, your dad wasn't invited either and he's downstairs right now...
Georgie: My dad's downstairs?
Dillon: Wondering why his daughter is not where she said she'd be
(Georgie grabs her purse and starts to leave)
Georgie: (on her way past Dillon) Thanks
Dillon: Georgie. (Picks up her corsage)
Georgie: (stops) What?
Dillon: I'd uh, I'd put this back on if I were you. (Holds corsage open and places his hand on the bottom palm facing up and she slips her hand in and he holds it)
(She pulls it back and leaves, followed by Dillon)

(Georgie enters lobby and sees Dillon)
Georgie: Dillon, my dad is not down here.
Dillon: I don't know, he was, and he looked pretty ticked off too, he might've gone off looking for you. The dance is open he might be in there. You want to go check?
Georgie: Did you speak with him or...or did you just see him?
Dillon: I just saw him
Georgie: Why do I get the idea that there is more going on here than your saying?

[Room 410]
(Lucas enters to find Maxie alone)
Maxie: Your in the right place
Lucas: Where is everybody?
Maxie: I'm not really sure
Lucas: I thought there was supposed to be a party?
Maxie: Yeah, me too, but, um, I'm actually glad that it's just the two of us (holds out her hand and Lucas takes it) There was something I wanted to tell you. (Pulls Lucas down on the chair she's on)
Lucas: You're not up here waiting on Kyle I hope.
Maxie: (pushes him back) I was actually waiting on you, Lucas. Look, the only reason I let Dillon bring me here tonight is because I wanted to tell you how stupid I've been and how I've been treating you and taking you for granted. Kyle's not the stupid one. Well, he is, but I'm one, too.
Lucas: Where's this coming from?
Maxie: I don't want to be friends with you anymore, Lucas. I want to be more (kisses him and he kisses back and Georgie walks in and sees)