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July 9, 2003

(Georgie's clearing some dishes and turns around and bumps into Kyle who drops some dishes into her bin)
Kyle: Here. Let me help.
Georgie: Thanks.
Kyle: That's for lying to me about your dad the other night.
Georgie: Hey, you bought it. (Tries to leave)
Kyle: (Stops her) When did you appoint yourself the date police?
Georgie: You were all over Maxie on the couch, I don't exactly qualify that as a date.
Kyle: Maxie liked it.
Georgie: Maxie wanted you to leave, and so do I. Bye. (Starts to leave but is stopped by Zach)
Zach: You're jealous.
Georgie: Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
Kyle: Doesn't your little boyfriend keep you satisfied?
Georgie: Some of us have to work for a living.
Kyle: I got a message for Dillie.
(Dillon walks up)
Dillon: Ooh (claps) a message. (Motions with his hand to "go ahead") Why don't you tell me to my face?

Kyle: (To Dillon) Georgie's hero. You don't catch on do you?
Dillon: Guess not.
Kyle: Hmm. (Looks from Dillon to Georgie) You're perfect for each other. No friends, no style. Even your mothers walked away.
(Dillon jumps in front of Georgie)
Georgie: Wait. Wait. Wait...Dillon he's not worth it.
(Dillon protectively holds Georgie back)
Dillon: Well, what's the matter, Kyle? Hmm? Mommy and Daddy love your sister more than you? I mean, everybody else does.
Kyle: Yeah, that's right.
Dillon: Huh. Ok. So that's why you have this case against girls, why you tricked Maxie into having sex on the Internet. While you just...(mimics eating sound) use her up and spit her out? Because you want to be your sister?
Zach: Good one, dude. (Hits Dillon's shoulder)
Kyle: (Looks at Zach) That must be it.
Dillon: (Wipes off Kyle's shoulder) Yeah. Well, keep trying. I'm sure you'll get there someday.
(Kyle starts to walk away but stops and pushes Dillon into a table)
Georgie: Hey, you guys! Hold on...
Kyle: Mommy! Mommy!
Georgie: Oh my God! Are you OK?
Dillon: Yes.
Georgie: Oh, come on (holds her hand out and he takes it and she pulls him up) let's go.
(Mac walks up and pushes Dillon against the wall)
Mac: Hey, let go of my daughter.
Dillon: Oh great.
Georgie: Kyle attacked him again.
Mac: (grabs Dillon's shirt) Come with me.
Georgie: Dad, you can't arrest him.
Mac: You be here when I get back
Dillon: It's going to be OK
Mac: (grabs his shirt again) Come on.
Dillon: I think.
Georgie: Come on, Dad
Mac: (drags Dillon off) I have a better idea.

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(Mac pushes Dillon inside)
Edward: Hey, why did you ring the doorbell? You live here.
Mac: Dillon was creating a disturbance at Kelly's. Destroying property and harassing my daughter.
Edward: So? What do you have to say for yourself?
Mac: No, just get him under control. I'm in no mood for the Quartermaines (leaves)
Dillon: I didn't do anything.
Edward: Listen, young man. I will do the talking and you better, by God, do the listening.

[Quartermaine Living Room]
Edward: No I realize that I'm partly to blame for this. I should've kept a closer eye on you.
Dillon: Why? You don't even want me around.
Edward: You are family just the same, and you know something? Just like your mother you are making us look bad and I won't have it.
Dillon: Well, you know, what I do or how I act isn't any of your business (stars to leave)
Edward: (stops him) Hey, don't you walk away from me, you twerp. No, look, I gave your mother far too much reign, and look what happened, she's a blight on this family. She's a waste of my money and her potential. And the damage she has done to you...oh I think it's heartbreaking. She gave you away like a stray puppy.
Dillon: She'll be back.
Edward: I hope not.
Dillon: Well, then, you know what? I'll go somewhere else.
Edward: No, you won't.
Dillon: OK?
Edward: You will stay right here and you will learn to abide by the rules of his family. And you will learn to get along with all of its members. You won't go near that Georgie Jones. If you screw up, I will send you to a military school no matter what Lila thinks. (Leaves)

(Dillon sneaks out of the mansion with his bookbag)

[Outside Kelly's]
(Mac walks up to Georgie)
Mac: I took Dillon back to the Quartermaines'. I told him to stay away from you.
Georgie: He's a good friend.
Mac: From now on, Dillon Quartermaine is off-limits.
Georgie: Like you have time to be the Dillon police.
Mac: Hey. Whatever happened to my Georgie...a straight-A student and all around great girl?
Georgie: I got straight A's last quarter.
Mac: I want my Georgie back.
Georgie: Just couldn't love me the way I am?
Mac: Now come on don't even try that. You know I love you.
Georgie: You think mom will ever come back?
Mac: As soon as she can. Your great-grandmother is very sick.
Georgie: It's all right...Dillon's mom dumped him too. I just need to get over it.
Mac; Felicia didn't dump you. But Dillon...he makes you see the worst in everything, he drags you down.
Georgie: Dillon understands me
Mac: Dillon is unhappy. And I can't say that I blame him. But he's n to doing you any favors by encouraging you to rebel and self-destruct. That's why I want you to stay away from him. Hey. I love you. I know it doesn't seem like it at the moment, but I do. I always will. (Kisses her forehead and hugs her but she doesn't hug back) (Leaves)

[Kelly's - Later on]
(Dillon walks up as Georgie walks out)
Dillon: Hey. You OK?
Georgie: Mac said I can't see you anymore.
Dillon: OK Do you want me to leave?
Georgie: I'm tired of being in trouble all the time.
Dillon: So you're caving in. You're going to go through life having people tell you what to do all the time?
Georgie: Mac says you're nothing but trouble.
Dillon: Mac's right. (Chuckles)
Georgie: You need to get out of here now.
Dillon: OK (Tosses bookbag on the table) I'll get out of here. Why don't youcome with me? Let's run away together. You and me. Right now.