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July 21, 2003

[General Hospital]
(Georgie gets off the elevator and walks over to Dillon, who's waiting for her)
Georgie: Hey.
Dillon: Hey.
Georgie: Thanks for waiting.
Dillon: Cute outfit.
Georgie: I look ridiculous
Dillon: No. No. Maybe a little. Yeah. (Chuckles)
(Garcia and another cop come off the elevator)
Garcia: Look, let's move it. We got a lead on Sonny Corinthos' wife.
Georgie: Maybe you should give that letter to Sonny right away.
Dillon: Do you even know Sonny?
Georgie: No, but...
Dillon: Ok, well, I don't either all right? All I know about him is that my cousin, who works for him, wants absolutely nothing to do with me. I mean, at least you know Alcazar is willing to pay me. And he said to wait twenty four hours, OK? I don't want to make him mad.
Georgie: Yeah but if that's about Carly, it could be really important
(Elevator door opens)
Dillon: (Starts to walk towards the elevator) I'll tell you what, I will...I will give this to Jason. If he wants to pass it onto Sonny, that's fine. (Hits the button to close the doors)
Georgie: And then you'll stay away from Alcazar, right?
(Dillon doesn't say anything as the elevator doors close)

[Sonny's Penthouse]
(Dillon knocks and Jason answers)
Jason: It's a bad time
Dillon: I have a letter for Sonny...from Alcazar. (Holds up envelope)
(Dillon walks in)
Courtney: Come on, Michael, it's past your bedtime. Let's go to bed.
(Courtney and Michael leave)
(Dillon hands Sonny the envelope)
Jason: Alcazar gave this to you?
Dillon: Yeah. He saw me and said he'd pay me to deliver it to Sonny.
Jason: When?
Dillon: A few hours ago. I mean, well he said wait twenty four hours but, I don't know, I thought maybe you guys want to see it sooner.
Jason: Where? Where was this?
Dillon: Kelly's.
Jason: Kelly's. He saw us talking. He figured you had ties with me and Sonny. This is trouble you don't need, Dillon.
Dillon: Well, yeah, OK But would it kill you to say, "thanks"?
Jason: Do you know what you just did? You delivered a ransom note for the pregnant mother of that kid that you just saw. Do you want any part of this? I don't think you do. Alcazar is serious trouble and I will advise you, next time you see him, you turn around and you run.
Dillon: For what it's worth. I hope find her and she's OK (Leaves)