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April 25, 2003

[School Hallway]
(Dillon finds Georgie huddled on the ground reading a book)
Dillon: So is that speed-reading or panic?
Georgie: Dillon. I didn't know you were transferring here.
Dillon: I'm not. (Squats down) I got bored listening to my family fight so I escaped.
Georgie: To find me?
Dillon: Obviously. You want to hang out?
Georgie: Now?

Dillon: We could see a movie.
Georgie: Oh, I wish. I'm about to take this essay test on "Moby Dick" and all I know is, "Call Me Ishmael" and "Captain Ahab"
Dillon: Ah, yes. Classic obsession story...a man destroyed by his quest for revenge.
(Lucas walks up)
Lucas: What are you doing here?
(Dillon stands up)
Dillon: I'm having a conversation with Georgie, do you have a problem with that?
(Georgie stands up)
Lucas: Maybe. (Drops bookbag on the ground) Why don't you go back to the Quartermaine mansion estate or wherever it is you live and leave Georgie alone
(Georgie's happy that Lucas is being "protective" of her)
Dillon: (To Georgie) You want me to go?
(Bell rings)
Georgie: Gotta go. See, guys I have a very, very, very, important test to flunk (leaves)
Lucas: (Picks up his bag) Bye-bye (hits Dillon on the chest and leaves)

(A teacher is following Georgie out into the hallway)
Teacher: Your father called. He wants you home right away (hands Georgie a note).
Georgie: Is everything ok?
Teacher: The note doesn't say. But you can make up the exam. Go.
(Georgie starts to leave and runs into Dillon)
Dillon: You can thank me later
Georgie: I can't stay. I got to get home.
Dillon: I know.
Georgie: You know?
Dillon: Well, yeah. You don't realy believe your dad called school, did ya?
Georgie: It was you?
Dillon: Actually, it was my mom's stockbroker. Great guy, a big practical joker...really convincing. Ask the school secretary.
Georgie: I can't believe this. I was really freaking out like something bad happened!
Dillon: It didn't.
Georgie: That's not the point. Do you have any idea how much trouble I could be in if anybody found out about this?
Dillon: Well, excuse the hell out of me. Sorry I was just trying to do you a favor. But, hey,you know what, go back to flunking your test. Or you can say thanks right now and spend the day with me.
(Georgie smiles)

(Georgie and Dillon walk into the living room. Georgie with popcorn, and Dillon with drinks)
Georgie: So what are we watching?
Dillon: "To Have And Have Not". You seen it?
Georgie: Are you kidding? I've never even heard of it.
Dillon: You know, you are lucky I came along to educate you about the classics and when I'm gone, you will be able to continue your education. There is this amazing, amazing video store down by the pier, specializes in all this good stuff. I spent like an hour there today.
Georgie: Do you have a collection?
Dillon: Well, top 100...nothing I can throw in my carry on bag, you know? My mom and I never stay in one place for too long.
Georgie: Yeah. Is it a pain, you know moving around so much?
Dillon: Um...can be. You know my mom's kind of difficult so she gets into fights with people and the next thing I know, we have to pack up and leave town and start over somewhere else. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad...she's not like a normal mom, she's more big-sisterly and so we have fun and...and she loves me you know sort of.
Georgie: Well, have you been places like far away?
Dillon: I have probably lived in every European capital at one point or another and I can order room service in about 9 different languages, including (with accent) Swedish.
Georgie: The way you describe it sounds awesome. But don't take this the wrong way or seem kind of...sad or something. (Dillon looks at her sort of suprised) I don't know.
Dillon: I'm not...I'm not sad. Come on let's watch the movie. (turns the movie on) Movie.

(The movie ends)
Dillon: (Turns off the TV) One of the great moments in cinema history. What do you think?
Georgie: I loved the kiss. It was so romantic. It's not like when you walk down the hall and see some slobbery guy macking on some girl. You know if Lucas ever kisses me, I hope it's like that.
Dillon: (Turns more towards her) Georgie, what do you see in him? Is Lucas smart? Does he read? Do you have one single thing in common with him because I sure can't see it.
Georgie: Look, Lucas is an awesome soccer player and he's nice and funny and, and he's really protective like he was before, and...(looks up and then Dillon looks up and they see Mac) Mac.
Mac: Bet you didn't expect to see me (Dillon and Georgie stand up) What are you doing home with a boy in the middle of the afternoon?
Dillon: (Covers for Georgie) Um, Georgie got sick during 3rd period and so the school sent her home and when she got here she realized she didn't have any cold medicine, and so she called me up and asked me if I'd bring some over.
Mac: Oh. And who are you?
Dillon: I'm Dillon Quartermaine. (Holds out his hand to shake Mac's but Mac doesn't shake it so he drops his hand back down)
Mac: Well, Dillon Quartermaine, if Georgie's sick, she belongs in bed upstairs. Clear out.
Georgie: Um, thanks for the cold medicine.
Dillon: Yeah.
Georgie: You're a lifesaver
Dillon: Glad to help (takes one last look at Georgie before grabbing his video and heading outside. When he gets outside he stands there for a second thinking about Georgie and then leaves)