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Memorable Quotes

UPDATED: September 24 (newer ones towards the bottom)

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You know my life is seriously fuller having met you guys. Are we out of here?
Georgie: Like 10 minutes ago. See ya!

Dillon: You going to be okay?
Georgie: I think so.

Dillon: Well, excuse the hell out of me. Sorry I was just trying to do you a favor. But, hey, you know what, go back to flunking your test. Or you can say thanks right now and spend the day with me.

Dillon: Ok, you know it's not really about knowing what to do kiss somebody because you like them and because you want to.

Georgie: Yeah. I'm a total villain right now. I mean I don't want to see Maxie get hurt again but I'd love it if Lucas gave up trying to get her.
Dillon: (Closes his laptop) OK Tell me something. Why are you so obsessed with Lucas? The guy's lame. I mean he's beyond lame if he doesn't realize that your worth 10 of your sister.

Dillon: Do you think Lucas wants to be Maxie's friend? (Georgie looks away) Look at me do you think he wants to be her friend?
Georgie: Maybe.
Dillon: Maybe? Why? Because he kissed you last night?

Georgie: Can you believe some idiot left the keys in the ignition?
Dillon: What's the problem? I'm right here.
Georgie: It's your bike?
Dillon: What if it is?
Georgie: Seriously cool
Dillon: You want a ride?
Georgie: Is it yours?
Dillon: You going to ask Mac's permission?
Georgie: I don't care what Mac thinks.
Dillon: Then let's go.

Georgie: Dillon will you just shut up and listen? I don't just want to be your friend.
Dillon: Oh yeah. I know, you use me for kissing practice as well.
Georgie: That was also before.
Dillon: Before what?
Georgie: Today. At my house. It was different from all the other times we've kissed. It was real. At least for me.
Dillon: Well, yeah for me too.
Georgie: Right. So um if you wanted to do it again sometime, that would be...that would be cool.
Dillon: (smiles) OK

Dillon: Hey Georgie?
Georgie: (turns around) Yeah?
Dillon: The thing about movies is every great one has a great beginning. This, today, here,'s ours.

Georgie: You need to get out of here now.
Dillon: OK (tosses bookbag on table) I'll get out of here. Why don't you come with me? Let's run away together. You and me. Right now.

Dillon: You know, I don't know much. I...but I know that I want to wake up one morning any given morning...and I don't want to know what';s going to happen that day. But you know something? More than anything else, I really think I want to look over and see you.

Georgie: You're going to have to be patient. I worry
Dillon: There's no need. The only moment that matters is this one. So use it
Georgie: How?
Dillon: I don't know. We're here. It's up to you. What do you want to do?
Georgie: I think I want to kiss you.

Dillon: All right. I can see that, kind of. I'm just not much of a reader.
Georgie: Most guys aren't
Dillon: Oh, aren't we sexist
Georgie: Why don't you deal with it?

Georgie: Yeah I know how that is. In our family Maxie's it. Everybody pays attention to her. That sounded really awful and jealous.
Dillon: No, I don't care how that sounded I just wanted to know how you feel.
Georgie: I don't think I can blame my mom or Mac because I don't know...Maxie had this really, really rare disease when she was little. She almost died from it, and um I guess she's more special than I am. I wasn't even born in a hospital.
Dillon: What does that mean? The stork brought you?
Georgie: No. I was born under a table at Luke's. There's a plaque there and everything.
Dillon: Sounds pretty special to me.
Georgie: That's what so awesome about you. I've only known you for a couple months but I feel closer to you than anyone else in my family.

Dillon: My grandfather just wants to control me.
Georgie: Yeah but we did steal Kyle's bike and run.
Dillon: Yeah and I'd do it again.
Georgie: You would? (Smiles)
Dillon: Yes. Yesterday was amazing. I mean, I haven't felt that good since...Boy I don't think I've ever felt that good.
Georgie: It was pretty awesome, wasn't it?
Dillon: Yeah. I mean, we just...we just rode. We didn't have to think. It's been forever since I didn't have to think. It felt right.
Georgie: It was. But if you ever want to do anything like that again you can't be stuck in jail.
Dillon: (Stares at her) That matters to you?
Georgie: Yeah. I want to see you all the time.

Dillon: I know what you're going to say. I'm sorry.
Georgie: Dillon...
Dillon: I just could not let him...
Georgie: Dillon, you are the bravest guy I've ever met.
(Dillon chuckles and smiles at her)
Dillon: Thank you.
Georgie: You're welcome.

Dillon: Would you just listen to me for one minute? You see where we are? (Takes her hands)
Georgie: Yeah.
Dillon: Forget that, ok? Forget where we are for one second.
Georgie: It's kind of hard.
Dillon: I know just (sits down on the edge of the table and pulls her closer to him) go with me here, ok?
Georgie: Where?
Dillon: Yesterday. You remember how warm it was? The felt good on my face.
Georgie: I know.
Dillon: And we...what did we do? We broke the speed limit, by like, 30 miles and you were hanging on tight, and everything was perfect. I can't...I can't think of anything better than what happened yesterday.
Georgie: Staying up all night was pretty cool.
Dillon: Yeah. No adults, no parents telling us what do do.
Georgie: I was free. I don't think I've ever felt like that.
Dillon: And I was happy. You have no idea how rare that is.
Georgie: I do.
Dillon: You make me that way, ok? (Kisses her hand) You mean so much to me and I would do anything for you and I need you to know that.
Georgie: I feel the same way about you.

Georgie: Are you insane?
Dillon: No, I'm not insane. Listen to me...look, look we get on the train, OK? We get to a hotel there, we can see about 15 different independent films that only get distribution in New York City and LA.
Georgie: Yeah, yeah if you live to buy the tickets
Dillon: Would you stop worrying huh? (Kisses her)

Georgie: It's volunteer work Mac, they don't really care.
Mac: I care. You need to start acting responsibly like your older sister.
Dillon: What? You're kidding, right?
Georgie: No...
Mac: Get out of here.
Georgie: It's OK
Dillon: No, no it's not OK When are you going to get that Georgie is 10 times as good as Maxie? why don't you see that?

Mac: Dillon isn't a bad kid.
Georgie: You're right. He's wonderful.

Dillon: Umm...Georgie?
Georgie: Go Away.
Dillon: I'm sorry.
Georgie: I don't care.

Dillon: know , I'm just kind of glad you showed up.
Georgie: No, you aren't. You still want to be with her, even though she's a professional criminal. That's fine. Go be with Faith. I'm not even going to try and stop you.
Dillon: What? Wait...wait a minute. Aren't you...aren't you getting this here? I'm not...I'm not interested in Faith. I want to be with you.

Dillon: So, um, you don't hate me?
Georgie: No.
Dillon: And you might want to maybe possibly see me again?
Georgie: Possibly.
Dillon: Maybe even forgive me?
Georgie: Now that would be pushing it.
Dillon: Come on, Georgie you have to forgive me. You know, I can't stand the idea of never kissing you again.

Georgie: No, it's fine. You don't want to be with me. I understand
Dillon: No. No, I...I do, but i want it to be special you know? I mean, just now, it kinda felt like we were trying to prove something. i don't want to do that.
Georgie: Really, you don't have to say that.
Dillon: I'm not joking. I want...I want you to want me. You know like I've always wanted you.
Georgie: No, you haven't
Dillon: Are you kidding?

Dillon: ...But, you know, there are a whole lot of things in Maxie's life that she hasn't learned to appreciate yet and you're one of them. Man, I don't want to fall into that loop. So I'll just...I'll come right out and say it.'re special to me. Oh, hell, I'm...I'm so lucky just to know you.

Dillon: ...I got a...I have a fun idea.
Georgie: Yeah? What kind of idea?
Dillon: The kind that gives us time alone. How's that?

Georgie: Ok, but if we're going to go on our secret date to The Cellar, than don't you think I kind of need to change first?
Dillon: Georgie, nobody's going to see you but me and I think you'd look great even if you wre just wearing a trash bag.

Georgie: Well, does it have a happy ending?
Dillon: Are you asking me if, um, if the guy gets the girl?
Georgie: Mm-hmm
Dillon: Well, then, yes it does
Georgie: I think I want to see it sometime
Dillon: I'll tell you what, how about I show you right now?
Georgie: Ok.

Maxie: Um, wait Dillon's the one whose hobbies include grand-theft and breaking and entering, Georgie.
Georgie: No, my boyfriend's not all doped out all the time.

Dillon: I'm saying I want to matter to somebody.
Georgie: Ok, all right, if you want to matter to someone, forget about the Quartermaines and Lorenzo Alcazar. In case you haven't noticed, Dillon, you matter to me. Not because you carry a gun or you're some famous director, but because you're you.

Georgie: Hey, how's the corporate raider?
Dillon: Yeah, I'm more like corporate office boy. Look at that.
Georgie: You can handle it. You'll be fine, especially if you have some chocolate chip cookies
Dillon: No way you came all the way here to give me this?
Georgie: Yep. And for this (kisses him) Have fun.

Georgie: You do realize that is the most romantic thing ever?
Dillon: Fantastico is what it is.
Georgie: But do you realize one thing that would make it even better? (Covers his mouth) Stop singing. (Kisses him)
Dillon: That's amore.


Dillon: You know, most of the time you guys don't seem like sisters but if she pulls this off, she's almost as smart and brave as you.
Georgie: Do I need to get jealous?
Dillon: I said "almost".
Georgie: Yes.
Dillon: (Scoots closer to her) Nobody's as great as you. Come here. (Kisses her)

Georgie: We don't even know if it was her
Dillon: It's too big of a risk to take. Go get...go get security.
Georgie: They're going to think I'm crazy!
Dillon: Go! Now! Hurry!
Georgie: Oh and what are you going to do?
Dillon: What DeNiro does...wing it.

Dillon: You know, just to let you know, I'm a...a hideous driver. Hideous. I ran over a bunch of parking meters with a Hummer this one time...ask any policeman. It's really bad. It's really not a good story.

Georgie: None of this makes sense. You couldn't have been with Faith the night Elizabeth was hit because you were with me. I need you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you slept with that woman and that you've been lying to me this entire time.
Dillon: (Not looking at her) I wouldn't call it lying.
Georgie: In my eyes, Dillon.

Dillon: Well, you alive is pretty high up on my list of priorities wha can I say? I'd die before I'd let anything happen to you.
Georgie: But if I had not run straight to Mac and told him you were covering for Faith, we wouldn't even be here. You'd be at home with the Quartermaines...if you didn't have me to worry about.
Dillon: Hey, if I didn't have you, I'd be completely, and totally alone. If I didn't have you, I wouldn't have had that...that great night in that motel room where we..where we stayed up and we talked about books and...and movies and life and it was amazing. And I wouldn't have had that...that kiss at your house that just...I wouldn't...I wouldn't have had anybody to think about while the fireworks wer going off on the fourth of July. Being with you, Georgie so much better than being anywhere else in the world even if it's in this barn just because I'm with you. You know? I love you. Cue the music, sweep the camera, full out. I love you.

Georgie: Now its your turn to shut up
Dillon: Uh...yeah, doing that, ok.
Georgie: I never want to forget what you said because if I did then I might not be able to say that I love you back.

Georgie: Well, how'd you see it? I mean, in your head?
Dillon: Ok. Um...New Orleans.
Georgie: Ok.
Dillon: Hot, thick, humid night during Mardi Gras. We're standing on a balcony. You got beads all over you and you're watching the parade going on below. I take your hand and I pull you into, like, a little corner, like a little niche in the building, and we can still hear the crowds celebrating in the background and I just...I tell you I love you,a nd we have this perfect private moment.
Georgie: Wow. You weren't kidding.

Dillon: I'm serious. Georgie means everything to me and you know, I don't have time to mess around. I need to hurry. And if you can't help me I have to find somebody else...

Georgie: I'm just going to, you know, crawl into my locker and disappear now.
Dillon: Why is that? They think you're hot.
Georgie: They think we're doing it.
Dillon: Ooh.

Georgie: I feel like the whole world knows I'm about to be devirginized
Dillon: Oh, no, no, they're just trying to figure out my hair. Ignore it, I do.

Dillon: Ok, I'm going to tell the truth. Here's the serious thing. Um, I need protection becasue there's this girl and she's really smart and really beautiful, and she's counting on me, and...and I love her and I want to make her happy tonight and I want to wake up wiht her in my arms tomorrow.

Maxie: ...Mac is going to freak when he finds out you're not a virgin.
Georgie: I don't care. Dillon's all I ever think about Maxie. Ok, he came out of nowhere and he chose me, not because I was the prettiest of the most popular but because he loves who I am. He respects me and he makes me laugh. He does this thing when he's happy or nervous, where he kind of rubs the back of his head and smiles sideways. It makes my stomach flip-flop. He's the one. I'm in love with Dillon. It's not just words, I feel it. I want Dillon to be my first.

Dillon: ..."Her skin was soft and inviting, like a peach, a ripe peach ready to be plucked"

Dillon: "And within seconds, the two love-starved teenagers were all over each other.

Dillon: You are amazing and we don't have to do anything.
Georgie: I want to. It's're going to have to teach me how and show me what to do.
Dillon: I can't.
Georgie: Why not?
Dillon: Because this is my first time too.

Georgie: I know you think I'm too young, by my friends have been doing it for years, and I didn't jump on that bandwagon because I believe that making love should be something special, especially for your first time, reserved for someone that you really care about.
Mac: And you think that's Dillon?
Georgie: It is Dillon. I know that you don't like him but that's because you've never given him the opportunity. You just assumed he was some jerk like Kyle, and he's so not. Dillon is amazing, and you'd know that if you just took the time to get to know him. He's smart and kind and generous and funny. But (sits on bed) most of all, he makes me happier than I ever thought I could be.
He thinks I'm special. He'd rather spend time with me than anyone else in the entire world, and I love that. I can...I can speak with him. I can share my deepest, darkest feelings and not worry about him judging me. Even if he thinks I'm off the wall, he'll try to understand and I won't give him up. Not for you or for mom or anyone.