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Here are a list of my favortie Georgie/Dillon and GH related websites. If you have a site that's not listed here and want to link to my page please email me!

UPDATED: September 24

Sixteen-Candles[dot]Net: (aka Dillon & Georgie Online) Great site filled with all kinds of info. Transcripts, pictures etc...check it out!
Dillon & Georgie Online: Great site dedicated to our favorite couple!
G & D: Good site dedicated to our favorite couple!

Sweet Kisses: A Georgie and Dillon campaign site!
Kiss Me: A Georgie and Dillon clique
Georgie N Dillon: A MSN group!
Dillon And Georgie: The Future Of GH: MSN group
Dillon & Georgie: Yahoo group
Some Fantastic: Campaign site for Dillon Quartermaine!
Perfect Timing: A site dedicated to our couple!
Afterglow: A wonderful multimedia site dedicated to Georgie and Dillon!
It's Gonna Be Love: A GQ Fanfiction Site: A wonderful site dedicated to GQ Fanfiction!
Young Love: Dillon & Georgie Official Fan Listing
Underneath Your Clothes: A Dillon & Georgie Song Fiction Site
The Loves Of General Hosptial: Message board discussing couples on General Hospital...including GQ!
Dillon & Georgie: First Love: MSN group dedicated to GQ! NEW!!

Scott Clifton:
Scott Clifton Online: Great site for Scott info!
Scott Clifton Online: Another one
The Scott Clifton Center: Yahoo group dedicated to Scott!
Scott Clifton's Simple Home Page: Offical site designed by Scott himself!
Scott Clifton.Net: Unofficial site dedicated to Scott
Scott Clifton Online Message Board:
Scott Clifton Message Forum:
Natural Charm: A Scott Fansite/Fanlisting
Poor Little Rich Boy: A Scott Fanlisting

Lindze Letherman:
The Official Lindze Letherman Website
Lindze Letherman dot com: Offical site
Lindze Letherman Archive: Site dedicated to Lindze
Lindze Letherman Message Forum:
Smart Cookie: A fanlisting for Lindze!

General Hospital Teen Sites:
The General Hospital Hangout:
New Teens Of GH
Soap's Bath House

General Hospital:
GHWorld2: Great site for older screencaps!
GHWorld3: Great site for screencaps!
ABC's General Hospital Site: Official site. Great for GH recaps!
General Hospital Happenings Two: Great for Spoiler info!