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April 28, 2003

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(Tracy has just told Dillon he's staying in Port Charles and she's leaving)
Dillon: If you're leaving, mom I'm coming with you.
Tracy: Sweetheart, I have a deal that's coming together in Europe, and it promises to be very hectic and uninteresting.
Dillon: No problem, I'll catch up on some movies while you work, what...
Tracy: I love having you with me but it''s better if you stay here.
Dillon: But you'll be alone.
Tracy: So would you, as usual. It's not what I want for you
Dillon: you know, it is way to provincial here.
Tracy: Where do you get that? From the movie channel. Look, I have a really good idea for bout you fill your life with living, breathing human beings that aren't colorized.
Dillon: Mom, my life is fine and we're supposed to be a team
Tracy: We are and have you ever heard of the um, the strategy divide and conquer? In this case, it means you stay here.
Dillon: You might need me.
Tracy: I'll call. Look baby, don't give me a hard time about his, it's a done deal. Your grandfather has insisted that you stay here for your own good for a while.
Dillon: Oh come on mom! Who cares what Edward thinks!

Tracy: Uh, in this case, I...I happen to agree with him. (Voice breaks) I love you.
Dillon: I love you too.
Tracy: Good. (Zips up his sweatshirt) So maybe you'll start dressing a little better...maybe not...and you won't pierce anything or tattoo anything and you'll make me proud while I'm gone, and as soon as (voice breaks) my deal is done, I'll come back for you, I promise.
(Dillon breaks into tears and Tracy hugs him and he cries in her arms)

(Dillon walks down the stairs and Edward sees him)
Edward: Hey, why haven't you left yet? I wanted Tracy to clear out hours ago.
Dillon: She's gone.
Edward: Well, why aren't you with her?
Dillon: Because you wanted me to stay. (Edward gives him a look) Didn't you?
Edward: Oh, God! Reginald! Call the airport and stop Tracy's plane!
(Skye, Alan and AJ come walking into the room)
Alan: What happened?
Edward: Get her back here!
Ned: Are you delusional?
Alan: We just got rid of her why do you want her back?
Edward: Are you blind? Look! (Points to Dillon) She left something behind. Reginald!

Edward: Oh, this is such classic Tracy! She doesn't get what she wants so what does she do? She sneaks off and leaves her excess baggage behind!
Ned: (Looks at Dillon) Maybe now is not the best time to discuss this.
Edward: There is nothing to discuss, Ned.
Skye: Oh, true. What was Tracy thinking? This family usually sells off its unwanted children.
AJ: (To Edward) Not anymore, she left you an heir du jour you love those.
Edward: Look, I offered to take Dillon in as a child and raise him the way Lila and I raised Ned. No, Tracy refused. Said that he was all she had and she would never part with him. So what does she do? She keeps him long enough to warp him for life and then she dumps him on our doorstep.
Alan: Well maybe Tracy just wanted an excuse to come back and blackmail us.
Dillon: Hey...the excuse is leaving, ok? You guys won't have to deal with me, I won't be a problem or anything, I'll just (picks up the phone) I'll call my mom's broker and find out where she's headed and I'll meet her there.
Edward: Well do you have your passport? I'll buy you a plane ticket. But you will not use the ELQ jet.
Ned: (To Edward) Put a sock in it! (To Dillon) Look, (takes the phone from him) put this down (hangs up the phone). It's good that you're here and grandfather will realize that just as soon as he calms down. We are your family. You are not to blame for our mother's behavior anymore than I am. You're more than welcome here.
Edward: But think of the years that the kid has had to learn treachery and subterfuge at Tracy's knee. Hmm?
Alan: Well, everything that Tracy learned, she learned it from you.
AJ: (To Dillon) Hey, and don't you pull any stunts like your mother
Ned: If pulling stunts, could get someone kicked out of this family junior, you would've been kicked out of here a long time ago.
AJ: Please, since when are you the concerned older brother, Ned?
Alan: Now let me tell you something...
Ned: I've always been concerned, I gave you a job.
(All start arguing and Dillon just leaves)