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May 2, 2003

(Georgie walks in and sees Dillon sitting at a table)
Georgie: You're still here? (Sits down) I thoughtyou said you and your mom were leaving?
(Dillon's about to answer but stops when Kyle walks up)
Kyle: I haven't seen your sister around. Is she still mad at me?
Georgie: Is she mad at the subhuman jerk who lied about sleeping with her? Yeah. Just a little
(Dillon smiles as he looks at Georgie)

(Kyle sits down at the table with Dillon and Georgie)
Kyle: Are you ever going to let this thing with Maxie drop?
Georgie: You lied about sleeping with her.
Kyle: We had a miscommunication, no big deal.
Dillon: Yeah but possession of an illegal substance is. I saw you buying from your dealer outside.
Kyle: (Scoffs) What are you, a narc?
Dillon: No. But there's a cop at the counter. You're probably dum enough to still have the drugs on you. All I have to do is (raises his voice) talk a little bit louder (lowers voice back down) and you're busted so you tell up for a one-way ride to the police station?
(Georgie smiles and looks from Dillon to Kyle with a look like, "gotcha")
(Kyle sort of glances back towards Taggert and thinks about what Dillon just said and then gets up to leave)
Kyle: I'm out of here. (To his friends) Let's go.
Georgie: (Still smiling) That was amazing
Dillon: Yeah actually it was "Heartbreak Kid", 1978.
Georgie: (Laughs) You are so weird. But in a good way.
(Dillon smiles)

(Lucas walks in and sees Georgie sitting and talking to Dillon)
Lucas: Hey Georgie. Why don't you come and sit with me?
Dillon: (Obviously annoyed) We're in the middle of a conversation, Lucas.
Lucas: And now it's over, Dillon.
Dillon: Yeah, well think that's her decision, not yours.
Lucas: (To Georgie) He doesn't even know you.
Georgie: (Stands up) Oh, ok. Look, Dillon was by himself, I came to him. Besides, he did me a huge favor. Kyle came in, he caused some trouble and Dillon ran him off.
Dillon: Yeah, well he didn't get too far. (Points outside where Kyle is talking to Maxie)

(Maxie comes in with a smile)
Georgie: What did Kyle want?
Maxie: Nothing. (Sits down)
Georgie: It took him a long time to say nothing.
Maxie: He was just apologizing