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May 9, 2003

[Outside Kelly's]
(Dillon walks up to Kelly's and runs into Maxie)
Dillon: Hey, Maxie.
Maxie: Hey. If you're looking for Georgie, she's inside with her nose stuck in a book for a change.
Dillon: You know you really could be a nicer person sometimes
Maxie: Go away.
Dillon: Well have fun wherever you're going. (Heads inside Kelly's and heads over to Georgie) Hi. (Georgie doesn't say anything) I just...(sits down) I just saw your sister outside dressed to party.
Georgie: (Doesn't look up) Don't remind me.
Dillon: Why are you so mad?
Georgie: (Closes book and looks up) Because Maxie's dressed to party with the very same guy that hurt her last time. I mean, why is she giving him the opportunity to do it again?
Dillon: Ok. Ok. You're telling me that there is absolutely no possibility that Kyle is telling the truth?
Georgie: No. (Looks out the window and sees Kyle walking up to Maxie with a smug grin on his face) Just look at the guy! Anyone can tell he's just a two-faced jerk! Why can't Maxie?

Georgie: Maxie's grounded. The only reason why she made it out of the house tonight is because she came with me. I told Mac we were coming here. I lied to my dad so that my sister can do something that I know is wrong.
Dillon: Maxie is allowed to make her own mistakes.
Georgie: Even when they're totally obvious?
Dillon: Yes.
Georgie: Look, Maxie's got this crazy idea that Kyle sees her as a real person, some bogus fantasy she's convincing herself is true just so she can be popular. She thinks he's going to ask her to prom. Is that the lamest thing you ever heard?
Dillon: Close, yeah.
(Lucas walks in)
Lucas: Look who's here again. (Hits Dillon on the shoulder) Why aren't you hanging out at the mansion being waited on by your servants?
Dillon: Because I'm here with my friend, Georgie.
Lucas: (To Georgie) Hey where's Maxie?
Georgie: Duh.
Lucas: She didn't go to Kyle's party.
Georgie: Yeah.
Dillon: Actually, they just left. Kyle picked her up in person, she seemed pretty honored.
Georgie: I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen. I mean, what are we supposed to do? Dillon's right. If this is what Maxie wants...
Lucas: This isn't what Maxie wants. This...Kyle's totally playing her.
Dillon: You could probably catch up with them if you leave now. (Lucas leaves) That guy seriously needs to get a clue.

Georgie: If I were a good sister, I would've never covered for Maxie in the first place.
Dillon: Yeah and she would've crawled out of a window or something else like that. Look, what Maxie decides to do...
Georgie: You know what?
Dillon: ...has nothing to do with you
Georgie: I'm going to be honest for a second.
Dillon: Ok.
Georgie: Part of me hopes that Maxie does hook up withKyle, that way maybe Lucas will realize he has no chance with her and start to notice that I'm alive.

(Georgie and Dillon are looking at web sites on Dillon's laptop)
Dillon: Ok, now you see this one...this one's great because anything you want to know about a movie, whether it be new or a classic, or not even released yet, it's all right here.
Georgie: (Takes his laptop and types something in) Oh, I think I might know one you might like.
(Dillon stares at her as she types. Then Georgie glances at the door)
Dillon: You're still waiting for Lucas to come back, aren't you?
Georgie: Yeah. I'm a totall villian right now. I mean I don't want tos ee Maxie get hurt again but I'd love it if Lucas gave up trying to get her.
Dillon: (Closes his laptop) Ok. Tell me something. Why are you so obsessed with Lucas? The guy's lame. I mean he's beyond lame if he doesn't realize that your worth 10 of your sister.
(Georgie smiles at him)

Georgie: Why do you think I'm so much better than Maxie?
Dillon: Well your smarter for one thing. You actually think about stuff other than lipgloss and prom. Call me crazy but I do like that in a person
Georgie: Most people think I'm boring.
Dillon: They're wrong.
Georgie: I don't know. Maybe high school is as shallow as it seems, and the things that matter there will mean nothing in the real world. Like the guy you think is hot will lose all his hair, get fat, and sit in front of the TV. And then the guy you didn't notice will do something amazing that changes the entire world.
Dillon: You need to explan your horizons a little bit. You know, open your eyes and realize that some guy with the IQ of oatmeal who doesn't realize who you are as a person isn't...isn't worth spending your time on. Lucas isn't all of a sudden going to grow a brain. I mean all he knows is that you're not Maxie. And you don't need to be. Believe me. Georgie's a lot cooler.
(Lucas walks in)
Georgie: Lucas, are you ok?
Lucas: If you're going to keep covering for your sister, you better plan on going over to Kyle's in a couple of hours and dragging her out of his bed.
Georgie: Oh no, she's doing it.
Lucas: I should've realized the truth about Maxie a long time ago
Georgie: Lucas, I'm sorry. I'm...(Lucas leaves) no Lucas wait! (follows him out grabs his arm and turns him around and they are inches apart)

Georgie: Maxie may not see how great you are but I do. (Lucas pushes her hair behind her ear)
Lucas: Yeah? You're pretty cool too. How'd I miss that?
Georgie: I don't know.
Lucas: Come here. (Kisses her)
(Dillon sees through the window and looks hurt)