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May 19, 2003

[Outside Kelly's]
(Maxie walks up and waits and then Dillon comes walking up)
Dillon: Bonsoir.
Maxie: So did you get it?
Dillon: Of course.
Maxie: You are a lifesaver.
Dillon: (reaches in his coat and pulls out a fake I.D. and hands it to her) Take a look.
Maxie: (takes the I.D.) It's for New York
Dillon: Trust me an out-of-state license is way too obvious
(Lucas starts to head outside)
Maxie: You rock (kisses Dillon's cheek and then leaves)
(Lucas starts over to the table Dillon's standing by and starts to clear the table)
Dillon: What, are you starting your career in food service?
Lucas: It's a job. I figured you'd never need one
Dillon: I don't.
Lucas: Why are you selling fake I.D.'s? Maxie's going off, Dillon and I'm not going to let you hurt her too
Dillon: (obviously annoyed) Oh, God. You know mind your own business, and I'll take an expresso
(Georgie walks up)
Georgie: Hey...
Lucas: (To Dillon) That's funny.
Georgie: Hey what are you guys talking about?
Lucas: How your good bud Dillon here is helping Maxie trash her life (heads inside)

[Inside Kelly's]
(Georgie and Dillon are sitting at a table)
Dillon: (To Georgie) Maxie was going to get a fake I.D. somewhere, I mean she said it was really important (Lucas walks up with their drinks) so I helped her out.
Lucas: Right. Helped her get into a club so she can spend time with the loser that set her up. That makes perfect sense, Dillon. Thanks
Dillon: (stands up) You know what? She asked me for a favor ok and I agreed. Why are you so bent on this? Yu saw her storm out, why didn't you go chasing after her to stop her?
Georgie: (stands up) Wait a minute. Wait a minute, guys. This isn't helping
Dillon: That's fine. But if you ask me I say Lucas has to get his own life and stop worrying about Maxie's
Lucas: All right, you know what? Why don't you get the hell out of town already. God! (walks away)
Georgie: (To Dillon) Look, Dillon you wanted to help Maxie, that's totally cool but she's in a lot of trouble and the fake I.D. didn't help. (Walks over to Lucas) Hey. I know you're worried. So if you need someone to listen, then I'm here.
Lucas: No. Thanks. I do want to talk to you about something, but it's not about Maxie
Georgie: (smiles) Ok.
Lucas: All right. You're the best and I'm not being fair. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have kissed you the other night.
Georgie: (hiding her hurt and trying to play it cool) Its...hey it's no big deal
Lucas: No...yeah it is. I'm sorry. That's just...that's just not how I feel about you (leaves)
(Once Lucas leaves, Georgie obviously looks hurt)

[The Cellar]
(Maxie has just passed out and the paramedics are arriving)
Jason: Come on. Come on. She passed out about 5 minutes ago. She's not breathing
(Lucas, Dillon and Georgie walk up and see Maxie passed out)
Georgie: Oh my God! Maxie!
Jason: No. No, ok just stand back all right? Just let the paramedics help
Courtney: It's going to be okay. They're just going to figure out why she's passed out. Georgie, does Maxie take drugs?
Georgie: No! She has never...
(Lucas starts inside and heading over to Kyle)
Lucas: (looking back at Georgie, Jason and Courtney) You don't know that. (To Kyle) What did you give her?
Kyle: I don't know anything
Lucas: What? Liar! Your always doing and you gave her some.

[Hospital ~ Maxie's room]
Mac: How did this happen? You have to be honest with me. How long has Maxie been using drugs?
Georgie: She doesn't do drugs. I swear.
Mac: Then how did this happen? You think someone gave her the drugs without her knowing?
Georgie: Maybe. Or...or maybe she did it to impress somone. Look, the whole thing with Maxie, the whole sex thing on the internet...that really screwed her up
Mac: Ok. Ok. I believe you. (Maxie starts to wake up) Maxie? (walks over to the side of the bed) Maxie, easy. You're in the hospital
Maxie: What happened?
Mac: You gave everyone a big scare. But you're going to be fine
Georgie: Oh, Maxie I'm so glad you're ok.
Maxie: I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot. I wreck everything
Mac: Hey. Shh. (kisses her forehead) Shh. Shh. Shh. Just take it easy ok, you just think about getting better. We love you.
Maxie: Please don't tell mom
Mac: We'll talk about that later. All right. Right now I want to know where the drugs came from.
(Tony walks in)
Tony: We have the toxicology report.
(Mac gets up and leaves)
Georgie: (sits on the bed next to Maxie) Look, Maxie Kyle got you into this and you have to tell