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May 28, 2003

[School Hallway]
(Georgie and Lucas walk up to Dillon)
Georgie: Hey.
Dillon: Hey.
Georgie: So, how are you liking your first official day as a student?
Dillon: Well, I don't exactly see the point in attending the last 3 weeks of school.
Lucas: Well then don't. I mean it's not like anyone's really going to miss you
(Dillon ignores Lucas)
Dillon: (To Georgie) The thing is its just not something to fight my grandfather about.
Georgie: Yeah. Don't worry about it. Just tell yourself its only a few more weeks. That's what I told Maxie.
Lucas: Where is Maxie?
Georgie: Look, everyone found out she O.D.'d after having sex on the Internet. She's probably hiding in the library or something.
Lucas: Well, what about changing schools?
Georgie: Mac won't hear of it. He's in this whole "take consequences for your actions"
Lucas: Yeah well maybe Maxie will feel a little bit better when I ask her to prom
(Maxie comes around the corner and walks to her locker and opens it and finds a picture of her and Kyle in bed from the Internet with "Maximum Maxie written on it)
Kyle: (On intercom) And it's Kyle Ratcliff once again with today's schedule. Chess club? Who cares. Theater club? Something about auditions. That ought to be good. Wait. What's this? The question of the day...Maxie Jones will you go to prom with me?

(Maxie takes down the picture of her and Kyle and tears it up as Kyle walks up to her)
Kyle: So?
Maxie: I can't believe you did that
Kyle: That's not an answer. Will you go to prom with me?
Maxie: Yeah
(Kyle hugs her)
Girl: She is so pathetic
Georgie: Yeah and the search for your brain continues
(Lucas walks over to Kyle and Maxie and shuts her locker)
Lucas: (To Maxie) You get that he's setting you up.
Kyle: Not a chance
Lucas: Ok. How can you trust a word this guy says?
Kyle: I can't take back what I did. But I care about you maxie. I'll never hurt you again.
Lucas: You trust this guy?
Maxie: Yeah I do
(Kyle and Maxie walk off together)
Georgie: She's clueless
Dillon: Completely. (Walks over to Lucas) So uh so much for your prom date
Lucas: Yeah, not necessarily (walks over to Georgie) so...uh...Georgie you got a date for the prom?
Georgie: Not so far
Lucas: Do you want to go?
Georgie: With you?
Lucas: I mean do you have a better offer?
Georgie: (excited) No. No, I mean yes I mean definitely. Definitely. I would love to go with you
Lucas: All right (hugs her) I got to get to class (leaves)
Georgie: OK (Dillon walks up and Georgie throws her arms around him) This is great! I'm so excited!
Dillon: Yeah. That's great if you like second pickings. (Walks away)

(Maxie walks up to Kyle)
Maxie: Hey. (Kyle turns to face her) OK, here's Algebra. There's sleeveless, strapless, and spaghetti. That's all I could think of. You know, for my prom dress?
Kyle: Maxie, the whole thing...
Maxie: I know its stupid. It's just a dress, but come on. There's always Algebra and there's only one prom. Hey what do you think about getting a limo? You know, I was thinking of going on a riverboat afterwards, yeah and we can stand up through the moonroof and we can ask the driver to go really, really fast. How cool would that be?
Kyle: Forget it.
Maxie: You mean the limo?
Kyle: The prom. Like I'd go with some slut who gave it up over the Internet and then O.D.'d and got me in trouble with a bunch of psychotic gangsters.
Maxie: But Kyle you invited me over the intercom. Everybody in the whole school heard
Kyle: Just like everybody saw you on the net. Are you picking up on a pattern here?
Maxie: You aren't that cruel
Kyle: But you are that cluless, try to get this OK? Pay attention...I won't take you to prom or anyplace else. You're nothing to me, you never were, you never will be. (Leaves)
(Lucas walks up to Maxie)
Lucas: Um...I'm so sorry
Maxie: No, leave me alone (leaves)
Lucas: OK

Georgie: Go find Maxie, will ya? Go ask her to prom. That was your original plan.
Girl: (On intercom) Cheerleading practice in 10 minutes girls. And guys, Maxie Jones is up for grabs for the prom. Get her while she's hot.
Teacher: (On intercom) Shannon Ratcliff straight to detention.
Georgie: Great. Maxie's probably slitting her wrists, you better go ask her to prom.
Lucas: I already have a date
Georgie: You want to go with my sister and I'm totally cool with that
Lucas: I'm going to the prom with you (leaves)
(Dillon walks up to Georgie)
Dillon: look at Mr. Noble
Georgie: Look, he had a choice. He chose me (leaves)

(Dillon walks up to Maxie, who's crying on the bench)
Dillon: Kyle's not the only guy in school
Maxie: Leave me alone
Dillon: OK I'm know, there's this one other guy, and...
Maxie: Yeah. You know what? Why not? Why wait? Why should you have to spring for a prom ticket?
Dillon: What?
Maxie: You know, I know what you want OK? Why don't you just go rent a motel room right now and we'll just go take care of it.

[Police Station]
(Georgie walks up to Mac)
Georgie: Dad. (Mac looks at her) I just saw the most amazing dress at Wyndhams. It's not on sale, but its amazing. Can I have some money to go buy it before someone else gets it?
Mac: Since when are you buying dresses at Wyndhams?
Georgie: I got invited to the prom can you believe it?
Mac: Nobody under my roof is going to the prom (walks off)