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May 29, 2003

Maxie: You're a Quartermaine right? You could pay for a hotel room and then Maximum Maxie could be all yours huh?
Dillon: That is not why I'm here
Maxie: What's your problem? You don't want to do it with the Internet porn queen of Port Charles High?
Dillon: Come on...ok. A, your not a porn queen, ok? And B, I'm sorry...
Maxie: You don't like me.
Dillon: I like your sister, Georgie. (Lays his head back)
Maxie: Have you told her how you feel?
Dillon: (shakes his head no and then stands up) Why should I? I mean she's all about Lucas, right? Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you not tell anybody about this?
Maxie: (stands up) Look, Dillon you really need to say something to Georgie. You need to stop her from going after Lucas. When your that hung up on a person and your whole life is focused around them, just like I was on Kyle, that's when you start doing things you regret.
Dillon: Maxie, people make mistakes
Maxie: I don't want my sister to. Look Dillon if you really like Georgie you owe it to her to keep her from trashing her life just like I did.

[Police Station]
Mac: I thought you left
Georgie: I came back. I want to know why I'm getting punished for what happened to Maxie.
Mac: Georgie, you can argue all you want to but the answer is still no. You're not going to prom.
Georgie: Its not like I would be going with some jerk like Kyle Ratcliff. I would be going with Lucas
Mac: No.
Georgie: Dad...(puts hand on folders he's thumbing through to get him to stop and listen to her) I like Lucas...a lot and I've been wanting him to ask me out since like forever and now he has. Please.
Mac: No.
Georgie: Can I at least know what I'm getting in trouble for?
Mac: You failed to come to me when you knew your sister was in trouble
Georgie: I didn't want to tell on her
Mac: And that right there is proof your too young to be dating. End of discussion (walks away)

Dillon: (to waitress) Root beer.
(Georgie comes in upset)
Maxie: What's wrong?
Georgie: I got invited to the prom but I can't go because of you. Look, I told you not to trust Kyle and not to do anything with him but you wouldn't listen. And now you've ruined it for me.
Maxie: Wait. Who asked you to the prom?
Georgie: Lucas.
(Dillon looks over)
Maxie: You guys are going as friends though, right?
Georgie: We're not going at all, but it would've been a date. (Dillon starts to leave and Lucas is comng in) Perfect. Now I get to explain why I can't attend the biggest night of my life.
(Shot of Dillon outside obviously upset but trying to hide it)
Georgie: (To Lucas)I can't go to prom with you because Mac thinks all guys are like Kyle
Maxie: Look, Georgie Mac's making you pay for what I did
Lucas: Does your dad know that I was the one who asked you? (Mac walks in) Let me try. (Walks over to Mac) Listen Mac...
Mac: No.

Lucas: Prom happens once a year, and it's something girls remember for the rest of their lives.
Mac: These are consequences for bad choices
Lucas: But Georgie didn't do anything wrong
Mac: She didn't tell me about the bad choices her sister was making.
Lucas: So if you make one bad mistake, that's it? That's all the chances you get?
Mac: Maxie's made more than one mistake. She's been getting further and further out of control
Lucas: She got in a bad situation, and her mom's out of state and you're always at work. I'm not saying it's your fault...sir...
Mac: Look, it is my fault, Lucas. I should've stepped in, OK? I should've been paying closer attention. I should've gotten involved before Maxie ended up on the Internet.
Lucas: Maxie was the victim. She cared for Kyle and he did something totally wrong to her. He's who you're mad at and your punishing Maxie, and you're acting like your ashamed of her for making you look bad.
(Maxie walks up)
Maxie: Look, forget it Lucas. I blew it big time. I deserve to be grounded.
Mac: You know what, Maxie? Actually, uh Lucas raises some interesting questions here. I don't want you to pay for the terrible way Kyle Ratcliff acted.
Georgie: And?
Mac: And if you tell me where you are, if you tell me who you're with, where you're going. If you obey all my rules, including curfew...
Georgie: Then you'll let me go to the prom?
Mac: Yeah.
(Georgie gets excited and hugs Lucas)
Mac: (To Maxie) You too.
Georgie: (Hugs Mac) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
(Mac's cell phone rings)
Mac: Oh...hold on a second (pulls cell phone out) Scorpio? OK, yeah hold on...(to Georgie, Lucas and Maxie) I have to take this outside (leaves)
Georgie: (To Lucas) Thank you so much!
Lucas: You are very welcome
Georgie: How did you get him to change his mind?
Lucas: (shrugs) Uh, I'll call you later?
Georgie: OK
Lucas: OK (Leaves)
Georgie: (To Maxie) Did you see what he was willing to go through to make me happy?
Maxie: Yeah, Lucas is great. Hey, but I think Dillon's pretty cool too.
Georgie: I cannot wait for the prom...and afterwards
Maxie: What?
Georgie: We'll sleep together. It's exactly how I want my first time to be.
(Maxie has the look of shock on her face)

Maxie: Look what just happened to me, Georgie. Do you really want to get the same reputation that I've got now?
Georgie: No. And this is totally different. You slept with Kyle because you wanted to be popular. I'm going to be with Lucas because I want to show him how I feel and he'll know it's really special, unlike Kyle. Look, when you sleep with the right person for the right reasons, it's beautiful
Maxie: Georgie, come on.
Georgie: No, I know what I'm doing (gets up and leaves)