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June 4, 2003

[Room 410]
(Georgie sees Lucas and Maxie kissing)
Georgie: Oh, God!
(Lucas and Maxie break apart)
Lucas: Georgie, I'm sorry. Maxie was upset...
Georgie: No, no. No!
Lucas: It just happened
Georgie: Just pretend like you never saw me (leaves)
(Lucas starts to follow her)
Lucas: Georgie wait!
Georgie: No!
Lucas: (To Maxie) You did that on purpose?
Maxie: Look, just leave her alone Lucas

Lucas: What is wrong with you? you deliberately hurt Georgie, so that she would walk in and see you kissing me? Did Kyle hurt you so bad that you decided to turn around and tortue everybody?
Maxie: I wasn't trying to hurt Georgie, Lucas. I was trying to stop her from making the same mistake that I did, ok?
Lucas: You know what? I know Kyle hurt you but you don't seem to understand Maxie, is that it was like a power thing for him. You backed out of sex the first time, he turned around and paid you back. I would never do something like that to Georgie
Maxie: You know what? She wanted to prove to me that having sex with someone you love is different, ok, and that its special and its meaningful all right?
Lucas: I know Kyle hurt you and I know you were trying to help your sister in a completely twisted way, but I promise you, Maxie, Georgie doesn't need to be protected from me.

[Outside Kelly's]
(Georgie's sitting at a table crying and Dillon walks up)
Dillon: Georgie...
Georgie: (looks at him and then looks away) Leave me alone.
Dillon: You know, I wasn't...wasn't trying to hurt you
Georgie: Oh, boy that's a relief. Cause if you ever actually tried to hurt me, I could be in the hospital, instead of alone on prom night, sitting here bawling my eyes out! I should be thanking you. You let me off real easy
Dillon: Maxie was trying to stop you from making a mistake. She asked me for my help what was I supposed to do...
Georgie: You should have told her no! You should've told me my own sister was trying to set me up! Why did you let Maxie set me up? Why Dillon? Why did you want to hurt me?
Dillon: The last thing I want to do is hurt you.

Dillon: I was trying to help you because I care about you
Georgie: (stands up) Your lying! Just like you lied to me when Mac was downstairs at the prom! You were the decoy just to get me out of the room so Maxie could be with Lucas!
Dillon: Maxie was trying to help you
Georgie: So she shows it by kissing Lucas?
Dillon: Look...maybe it was a bad idea
Georgie: Yeah!
Dillon: Maybe it didn't work, but she was trying to stop you from making a mistake.
Georgie: Maxie told you that and you bought it
Dillon: She was looking out for you
Georgie: What is it about Maxie that makes you and Lucas always take her side? (Turns to face him) Don't you get it? Maxie was afraid that Lucas might actually care about me! She never, never had any feelings for Lucas before! Now that he...he has interest in me, she's...she's all over him!
Dillon: Lucas doesn't want you Georgie
Georgie: How would you know that?
Dillon: Because he's into Maxie. If you really meant something to Lucas he wouldn't have been kissing Maxie would he?
Georgie: Leave me alone Dillon. Go back to your bizarro family! Better wait, wait. Here we go, go back to your mom in Europe and stay there. This was supposed to be the best night of my life and you ruined it. (Throws her corsage at him and walks off crying)

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(An upset Dillon walks in as Ned heads into the room)
Ned: How was the prom?
Dillon: Nothing like I expected. I don't know I just...I don't...I don't get the whole teen thing. You know, it's like everybody has this secret handshake that they're not telling me, and...and the one time..the one time that I thought I had a real connection with somebody. I didn't.
Ned: What happened? (Sits down)
Dillon: I don't know. It doesn't matter. Just...just points out the obvious to me, which is that I don't belong here. I mean, I have nothing...nothing in common with my supposed peers group. They either bore me to death or they make me want to punch a wall or something. Just...
Ned: (gets up and walks over to him) I realize, you know, this hasn't been easy for you. I mean, our mother just dropped you in a house full of lunatics and now you're supposed to call us family
Dillon: Well see that's the thing, you know its...this family is looking pretty good by comparison. (Takes jacket off)
Ned: See now I'm really starting to worry about you. (Dillon laughs) Because the Quartermaines are deeply, pathologically dsyfunctional, so if we're starting to appear normal, that means your assimilating. That's not good.
Dillon: I didn't say "normal". I said "almost pretty good". You know, as in everybody here is nuts and I expect them to be. You know, I mean, I don't...I don't get a whole lot of attention around here, and...and I kind of like it that way. Because I have noexpectations here so I never get let down. Actually, sometimes I'm pretty pleasantly with you, you know? For a long-lost brother I've never really known, you've've been really decent to me and I appreciate it. But with this person that I met, I counted on something that wasn't there. You know, I thought we were friends, but we're not. It's like...I don't's like that handshake thing again.'s hard to learn when you're living in a five-star hotel in Europe.
(Ned pats him on the shoulder)