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June 11, 2003

(Lucas is pouring syrup on Georgie's waffles and she's avoiding eye contact with him)
Georgie: (not looking at him) You're not supposed to work till lunch
Lucas: (sits down across from her) Well, that's what you get for dodging me. I had to ambush you before my shift.
Georgie: What do you want Lucas?
Lucas: I want to talk to you about the other night at prom.
Georgie: Don't even say the word
Lucas: What you saw, was not what it looked like, Georgie.
Georgie: Really. Because it really looked like you were just about to sleep with my sister.
Lucas: You get that we were set up, right?
Georgie: What?
Lucas: I came in looking for that party you told me about and Maxie was there.
Georgie: Oh. And then your lips just got vacuumed sucked to her that it?
Lucas: I thought she was upset about Kyle...
Georgie: (starts to get up) You know what I'm out of here.
Lucas: (stops her) All right. You know what? This is why we missed prom. (Georgie sits back down) I was there to be with you. But Maxie mauled me when I got upstairs. If you hadn't ditched, I could've told you that.
Georgie: You really wanted to be with me?
Lucas: It sucks that Maxie messed up our night. I was pissed because you got hurt
Georgie: This is Dillon's fault
Lucas: I warned you about that guy.
Georgie: Yeah. i thought he was my friend.
Lucas: Nah. That's me Georgie.
Georgie: What if I want more?

Lucas: Let's slow down
Georgie: Why? I mean we kissed the other day, you asked me to prom and then...and then your bummed when it gets ruined
Lucas: Because I wanted you to have a good time
Georgie: Because your a great guy
Lucas: Because you're my friend and I...I care about you.
Georgie: Yeah but don't you feel the same way about Maxie?
Lucas: Kind of. But its different.
Georgie: I think you need to explain it a little better.
Lucas: It's like when you and I are together...
Georgie: Mmm-hmm
Lucas: It's so easy. You're fun. I feel like I can tell you anything and...and not worry about what you're going to think
Georgie: Yeah that's exactly how I feel
Lucas: It's like that with Maxie but I still want more.
Georgie: You know no matter Maxie says, she's going to want Kyle
Lucas: I mean, even if Maxie chases Kyle for the rest of her life, it won't change things between you and me
Georgie: (hiding her hurt) Yeah. Yeah, why would it?
Lucas: Georgie, you rented that hotel room for us, right?
Georgie: No. No there was supposed to be a party
Lucas: Ok. Cool. But I need you to hear this. Even if it was just you and me up there, nothing would've happened. You are too important to me for me to ever use you like that.
Georgie: That's noble.
Lucas: Not really. It's kind of selfish. Can we still be friends?
Georgie: (nods) Do you want to be?
Lucas: Are you kidding? I can't ever lose you.
Georgie: And you won't. I'm going to eat these waffles. I'm going to die of starvation. (Starts cutting waffles)
Lucas: (gets up and kisses her on the nose) Don't forget the strawberry syrup
(Georgie laughs and when Lucas leaves breaks down in tears while cutting her waffles. Sobs overcome her and she stops cutting letting go of her fork and knife and her knife falls to the floor. She bends down to pick it up)
Dillon: Don't use that one (does a little slick move with the butter knife in his hand, offering it to her)
Georgie: You really don't want to hand me sharp objects right now.
Dillon: You still upset?
Georgie: You ruined my life.

Georgie: I could've been with Lucas on prom night.
Dillon: Yeah (sits down). You do realize your turning into everything you hate about Maxie, don't you?
Georgie: So. I mean, maybe she was onto something. What is so great about being friends with a guy?
Dillon: Yeah. Yeah you're right. Having a crush based completely on looks is a whole lot better.
Georgie: Ugh..."Friends"! "Friends" know what? I hate the word. It's just a really evil way of saying "you're ugly"...
Dillon: Oh, come on
Georgie: Or boring...
Dillon: You're not boring
Georgie: Or ordinary. (Takes her butter knife and holds it out to Dillon) Here.
Dillon: What is this for?
Georgie: You want to make up for wrecking my entire existence? Stick me
Dillon: It's a butter knife.
Georgie: So?

Dillon: So (takes it from her and puts it on the table) it's going to hurt a hell of a lot but it's not going to do any damage, ok?
Georgie: You already did worse. Look, the prom was supposed to be about love and Lucas realizing that I'm just...
Dillon: It wasn't. It wasn't about love. The guy didn't want to sleep with you.
Georgie: Shut up Dillon!
Dillon: Would you get it in your head that Lucas does not and never will see you like way?
Georgie: How do you know? I trusted you Dillon
Dillon: I...I know.
Georgie: Lucas makes me happy and you took that away from me. If you were my friend and you really cared about me...
Dillon: (staring right at her) I do really care about you. But you need to realize that I'm doing this to help you, and that Lucas will never ever be good enough for you.
Georgie: Who are you to decide that?
Dillon: Are you really this devoted to drama?
Georgie: Oh, like you're not? You wanted me to find Maxie and Lucas together.
Dillon: You know what? I don't think I've ever been so wrong about somebody...(looks at a tearful Georgie) I'm just going to shut up (stands up and angrily pushes his chair in) I'm going to...I'm going to stop talking (storms out)

(Georgie walks out of Kelly's as Maxie's walking up)
Georgie: Get out of my way (walks right passed her)
Maxie: Look, Georgie I'd rather fight with you than deal with this silent treatment
Georgie: All right. You did some pretty stupid stuff, but setting me up
Maxie: You were abut to make a huge mistake like I did.
Georgie: You can't compare me to you! Maxie, I am in love with Lucas. And not because of his keg parties and phony friends
Maxie: God, you are so messed up Georgie. You don't even understand which guy likes you and which guy just wants to be your friend.
Georgie: What are you talking about?
Maxie: Dillon. You know the guy that you kissed in there (points to the door). Yeah, Georgie, he really does think you're awesome.
Georgie: I hate him.

[Quartermaine Mansion]
(Dillon walks in upset, slams the door and walks to a bowl and takes a set of keys out and heads for the door as it opens and Emily walks in)
Emily: Dillon, hey.
Dillon: (walks right past her) Hi.
Emily: Oh, you look like you're going to do some serious damage.
Dillon: You know what? That sounds like a great idea (tosses keys up and catches them before leaving)
Emily: Wait.
Zander: Let him go
Emily: Dillon!
Zander: Let him go
Emily: Look, he's really upset
Zander: Yeah so am I.

[Police Station]
(Georgie goes over to Mac)
Mac: (to a cop) Look, I don't care what Scott Baldwin told you, I'm the police comissioner. You want to work for the D.A. go to law school. (Notices Georgie)
Georgie: Hi daddy.
Mac: Sit!
Georgie: Ok. Sitting. (sits down)
Mac: Do you trust me at all Georgie?
Georgie: You're my dad.
Mac: I'll take that as a yes. Explain this (hands her a piece of paper)
Georgie: (takes it) Credit card statement?
Mac: There's a charge there for a hotel room the night of the prom.
Georgie: Right. yeah, I...I can explain that.
Mac: Were you ever even planning on going to the prom? Or were you and Lucas just going to go up to that room and do something else? (Cop brings Dillon in, in handcuffs) What do you got?
Georgie: (turns around to look and sees Dillon) Dillon?
Cop: Kid's under arrest
Mac: For what?
Dillon: Broken tailight
Cop: More like, grand theft auto, destruction of public property.
Mac: Dillon stole a car?
Cop: Well, AJ Quartermaine reported it stolen a half-hour ago. This guy's plowing down parking meters with a Hummer on Elm Street.
Mac: You have anything to say for yourself, Dillon?
Dillon: Uh...yeah. Yeah those things are a bitch to park.

(Georgie gets up staring at Dillon and starts walking towards him)
Mac: Don't go anywhere. I still want to know why you used my credit card to rent a room at the Port Charles Hotel on prom night. (Walks over to Dillon) I have zero tolerence for people who drink and drive
Cop: He wasn't. He passed the breathalyzer and it's not drugs either. He's just a wreckless driver.
Mac: Were there skid marks?
Cop: None.
Mac: So you were intentionally plowing down parking meters?
Dillon: It's a stupid place to put parking meters
Mac: No, it was a stupid move to mow them down.
(Scott and some cops walk in with Lorenzo Alcazar)
Scott: Trelli, get the cuffs off and put him in the interrogation room.
Mac: (To Dillon) You need to start thinking about whether you want to clean freeways or restrooms for your community service (walks away)
(Georgie walks up to Dillon)
Georgie: Did you do it because of me?
(Dillon just stares at her)