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June 12, 2003

[Police Station]
(Picks up where the last episode ended)
Dllon: No, this has nothing to do with you. I'm bored. I mean...I don't here is like being stuck in Archer City without Cybill Shepard.
Georgie: What?
Dillon: It's a Peter Bogdanovich film it's called "The Last Picture Show". Don't bother it has subtext you wouldn't get it. Look, you asked me to stay out of your life, well stay out of mine.

(Mac walks in with Dillon's mom, Tracy, she walks over to Dillon)
Mac: Dillon...
Tracy: Mac, this is utterly ridiculous! Obviously AJ had no idea that it was my son driving the car or else he wouldn't have reported it stolen. My son is a Quartermaine, he lives in that mansion and what a stupid place to put a parking meter.
Mac: There's someone here to see you.
Dillon: Hi mom.
Tracy: How are you baby?
(Dillon raises his hands in front of him, showing her the cuffs)

(Tracy leaves from talking to Mac and heads back over to Dillon)
Tracy: All right, sweetheart I have taken care of the misunderstanding. You are free to go.
Cop: Wait. You got to sign some forms first.
Dillon: Mom, when can we leave, because if you want to fly out tonight that's fine by me.
Tracy: There's been a change in plans.

Tracy: Look, sweetheart you've got give me some credit. I flew all the way here. I didnt' call. I have to go back to Europe and you need to stay with your grandparents.
Dillon: Yeah, until your next business deal goes throught right? Mom how long am I going to be stuck here?
Tracy: I'm trying.
Dillon: Till the end of summer? (Tracy doesn't respond) Christmas? (Tracy still doesn't respond) Your boyfriend doesn't like kids, huh?
Tracy: Oh...his work involves a lot of travel. It's not that we're gonna not see each other. Everytime I'm in Manhattan I'll fly you down and its not going to be forever. I'm...I'm going to change the situation.
Dillon: Don't bother, ok? I doubt I'll like this guy any better than the rest.
Tracy: I know you don't believe this right now but its going to be good for you.
Dillon: You don't have a thing to regret, do you?
Tracy: I love you. (touches his arms)
Dillon: (pulls back upset) I love you, too.
(Tracy walks off and Dillon's ready to break down in tears but holds it back)

(Dillon's finishing signing some papers and Georgie's standing behind him)
Georgie: Dillon...(Dillon turns around) I'm sorry about your mom and the fact that your stuck here.
Dillon: Do you think that I want to be involved in her lastest romance? Do you think I want to sit around at dinners with some guy who really doesn't want me there? Wait around in some hotel for them to break up so she can come back and drag me off to yet another city? No. I'm glad I'm rid of her (leaves)