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June 18, 2003

(Dillon's scubbing the windows in a bright orange vest and Maxie, Mac and Georgie walk up)
Maxie: Hey, you told me his mom got him out of it.
Mac: Dillon's lucky he got away with community service
Georgie: Yeah, but is the little jacket really necessary?
Mac: You run down parking meters with your cousin's Hummer you deal with the fashion consequences.
Georgie: You think he wans some breakfast or something?
Mac: Don't even think about it. (Starts towards the door)
(Georgie and Maxie follow. Dillon does a little bow thing to Georgie before she goes inside and then goes back to scrubbing the windows)

(Mac walks over to the table Maxie and Georgie are sitting at)
Mac: So, (sits down) how were finals? (Georgie and Maxie don't respond). Do I need to be worried? (Again no answer) (Picks up a menu and opens it) What looks good for breakfast?
Maxie: Uh, just the coffee for me (closes menu and puts it down)
Mac: You don't drink coffee.
Georgie: Since when?
Mac: Not on my tab
Maxie: Ok. Fine then I'm not hungry
Georgie: Look, maxie's the original fiend. If we didn't stop by here at least once or twice a day she couldn't function.
Mac: You know, i want Felicia to come home, too.
Maxie: Why? It's not like its the first time she's dumped us
Mac: Mariah needs her
Georgie: And what about us?
Mac: Come on. We've been through this before. We can do it again. But not the way we're doing it..(to Maxie) sex on the Internet, a drug overdose. Georgie, renting a hotel room on prom night. Your both completely out of control.
Maxie: You know what? We've had this conversation before, Mac.
Mac: You're right. You're right. I don't have time for it. And neither do you. (Picks up newspaper) So you know what? Here. (Hands Maxie the newspaper) You want to know what those are? Those are the want-ads. You read it, you call the number, and you find yourself a summer job. And if you can't find one, I'll find a summer job for you.
Maxie: No. Why should I have to work all the time?
Mac: Because you can't seem to find anything better to do. And you need to make some new friends. You know, you're done running with the popular kids
Maxie: No. You know what? You can't decide who I'm going to hang out with
Mac: (To Georgie) And as for you, forget Dillon Quartermaine. He is nothing but trouble. You've got an excellent mind, Georgie. Use it. Any questions? (No response) Good. Good because I'm up to my ears at work, all right? So, enjoy your breakfast, drink all your milk, and start finishing your resumes. The party's over. (Gets up and walks away)
Maxie & Georgie: This is all yoru fault!

(Georgie walks outside where Dillon is)
Georgie: (looking at the window) You missed a spot.
Dillon: Your dad walked away and so now you're speaking to me, right?
Georgie: Yeah.
Dillon: Well I've got nothing to say.
Georgie: You're different than I thought.
Dillon: I hate to break this to you but first impressions are usually wrong. I mean, I was obviously wrong about you, too, right?
Georgie: You're mad all the time, and I think I know why.

(Dillon's cleaning a light fixture)
Georgie: My mom left me, too. Not really, but that's the way it feels
Dillon: Yeah, well I'm used to my mom...but I'll get over it. (Walks over to the bucket of water)
Georgie: She bailed you out and then ditched you, Dillon. I was there I saw it.
Dillon: (drops rag in the water) Oh come on
Georgie: you don't know when she'll be back, maybe never
Dillon: Well I've been on my own for a long time.
Georgie: So have I. (Dillon looks at her) Not like mom still calls everyday...but...but I still miss her
Dillon: You get over that (starts to walk past her)
Georgie: (puts a hand on his chest and stops him) It's not that easy, Dillon and you know it.

(Dillon finishing up)
Dillon: (looking at his watch) My four hours are up.
Georgie: Do you need to check out with anyone?
(Dillon takes off his vest and tosses it on the ground)
Dillon: They'll figure it out (walks over to a motorcycle and Georgie follows)
Georgie: Can you believe some idiot left the keys in the ignition?
Dillon: (Gets an idea) What's the problem? I'm right herre.
Georgie: It's your bike?
Dillon: (walks up close to her) What if it is?
Georgie: (staring right at him) Seriously cool.
Dillon: You want a ride?
Georgie: Is it yours?
Dillon: You going to ask Mac's permission?
Georgie: I don't care what Mac thinks
Dillon: Then lets go (climbs onto the bike)
Georgie: Ok. (puts a hand on Dillon's shoulder and climbs on behind him. Dillon holds up a helmet to her) Uh-uh.
Dillon: Yuh-uh
(Georgie takes the helmet and puts it on. Dillon starts the bike up and looks at her before taking off)

(Dillon helps Georgie off the motorcycle)
Georgie: That was so great.
Dillon: You like it?
Georgie: Yeah we went so fast!
Dillon: Hey, why not?
(A man comes out and walks over to his motorcycle)
Man: Did you see anybody arround my bike?
Dillon: Hmm. No. No, not at all.
Man: Well it's been running
Georgie: We just got here.
Man: Whatever you did. Don't do it again.
Georgie: Right. We have to go meet my sister (laughs)
(Man starts bike and drives off)
Dillon: Thanks for the save
Georgie: You stole that guy's bike?
Dillon: It's only a crime if you get caught. (Leaves)
(Georgie's smiling as Dillon leaves)