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July 2, 2003

(Maxie and Georgie are setting up 4th of July decorations)
Georgie: What do you think?
Maxie: Yeah, it's fine. Are we done yet?
Georgie: You know you could get into this. Patriotism is back in style
Maxie: Uh yeah and these shirts were never in style. Not for a second. Not anywhere.
(Kyle and Zach walk up)
Kyle: (To Maxie) Nice look.
Maxie: Uh you can't be here right now
Kyle: Why not?
Georgie: Stick around. Maybe Mac will show up and send you to prison.
Kyle: (To Maxie) There's a kegger at the lake tonight, fireworks the whole bit. You wanna go?
Maxie: Uh, right now? With you?
Kyle: Why not?
Georgie: Well we're only supposed to be here, home, or Kelly's and um Mac really will send you to prison, which is fine by me because its where you belong
Maxie: Yeah, you know just ignore her. That's what I always do
Kyle: Prove it. Come with us. We'll have fun.
(Maxie thinks and considers it)
Georgie: Maxie, tell him to drop dead
Kyle: Tell your little sister to shut up
(Dillon walks up)
Dillon: Well talk about trash
Zach: You mean us?
Georgie: That's how it would work.
Dillon: Why don't you get out of here?
Kyle: Did he tell us to leave?
Dillon: Yes I did. You leave Maxie and you leave Georgie alone. Both of you now.
Kyle: Yeah? Or what?

Kyle: (flicks Dillon's vest open) What's with the vest anyway?
Georgie: Some people have to take responsibility for what they do
Maxie: Ok, will you please shut up, Georgie?
Kyle: Ignore your little sister like you told me
Maxie: Hey you know what, guys? Let's just let this all go.
Kyle: (To Dillon) Is that what you want, Dillie?
Dillon: (points a finger at him) Watch it
Kyle: (slaps Dillon's hand away) You hear that, Georgie? Hear how tough your boyfriend is? (Pushes Dillon) "Watch it" (pushes Dillon again) "Watch it"
(Dillon drops the poker and punches Kyle)
Georgie: Oh my God
Maxie: Kyle...
(Zach holds Dillon's arms behind him)
Georgie: Let him go!
(Kyle punches Dillon in the stomach)
Maxie: Stop it!
(Kyle continues to beat Dillon)

(Dillon's lying on the ground, Kyle dumps trash on him)
Maxie: You know what? That's enough, Kyle.
Kyle: Come on. It's the fun part
Georgie: (holds up poker) You know what, you guys? Get out of here!
Kyle: You're kidding right?
(Georgie points the poker closer to Kyle)
Georgie: Get out!
Kyle: (To Maxie) I really wanted to hang out with you today. You wanna party? You know where to find us.
(Kyle and Zach leave)
Georgie: (To Dillon) Let me help (bends down next to him)
Dillon: Losers
Georgie: Let me help you (reaches for his hand)
Dillon: (pushes her hand away) No. Stay away from me
Georgie: (stands up and turns to Maxie) You see what your stupid friends did?
Maxie: They were just kidding around, Georgie.
Georgie: Oh, real funny. One guy holds Dillon's arms while the other one pounds on him
Dillon: I'm OK (Stands up)
Maxie: See? It's no big deal.
Georgie: If you want to go to that party, go. Have sex on the Internet again, take more drugs, you deserve whatever happens to you, if your dumb enough to go after Kyle after what he just did
Maxie: You know, you're not so perfect yourself, Georgie. (leaves)
(Georgie walks over to Dillon)
Georgie: Let me see your face
Dillon: Leave me alone, OK? Just...
(Georgie walks around to see his swollen eye and bloody lip)
Georgie: Oh, God. You need ice. Let's...let's go to Kelly's
Dillon: I do not need ice
Georgie: You'd rather have a big black eye? Why'd you fight him anyway? You obviously don't know how.
Dillon: It was two against one. Thank you.
Georgie: Which is why you should've backed off. Thank you.
Dillon: I do not need you taking care of me right now, OK?
Georgie: Look, I'm trying to pay you back. You were dumb to fight Kyle, but you did it for me. Thank you.

[Outside Kelly's]
(Georgie comes out to the table Dillon's sitting at)
Georgie: I ordered us some milkshakes and I realized I don't have any money, do you?
Dillon: No. None at all.
Georgie: Oh, boy, this is embarrassing (sits down)
(A man walks up and takes off his coat and pulls out his wallet and Dillon watches and gets an idea)
Dillon: But I know where I can get some
(Georgie turns and looks)
Georgie: You wouldn't.
Dillon: Why not? Seen it in a hundred movies.
Georgie: But those are actors, they're on set. They're working. Do you see the difference here?
Dillon: Go to the door and wait for me
Georgie: You lose a fight so you steal a wallet?
Dillon: OK, listen to me. When I do this (makes a hand gesture), you go in that door and you slam it as hard as you can, OK?
Georgie: What if Mac comes? If he does, you don't know me.
Dillon: Go. Act casual (Georgie gets up and casually walks to the door. Lorenzo Alcazar walks up and Dillon sees and gives Georgie the signal and she slams the door and Dillon walks up to Lorenzo and pretends to bump into him) I'm...I'm sorry about that. OK?
Lorenzo: Watch where you're going
Dillon: Sorry, yeah. (Goes inside and walks over to Georgie)
Georgie: Tell me you didn't do it
Dillon: (pulls out money) This is for the shakes. (Tosses it on the counter)
Georgie: You really picked that guy's pocket?
Dillon: Well, actually, this other guy came along and...can you believe it?...he actually had loose bills in his pocket, so...and I also found this (holds up small remote)
Georgie: You stole a car alarm thingy?
Dillon: I stole something. Who knows what it opens

(Dillon and Georgie are now sitting at a table. Dillon's holding ice to his eye with one hand while looking at the remote in his other)
Dillon: Maybe he owns a Ferrari
Georgie: You don't even know where the car is
Dillon: Well, I just go out pressing this thing until something chirps. Come here (stands up) Come here (walks towards the window)
Georgie: (Stands up) What? (Walks over to the window)
Dillon: Look out here. See if you know the guy (Georgie looks) the guy sipping coffee...see him?
Georgie: Oh, my God, Dillon. Do you know what you've just done?

(They're sitting back down)
Georgie: That's Lorenzo Alcazar. He's an international criminal. My dad told me he was in town. His brother Luis kidnapped me and Maxie.
Dillon: What? When?
Georgie: Last year
Dillon: I'm sorry that must've been scary
Georgie: Yeah, it was
Dillon: Did he hurt you?
Georgie: No. No, we stayed in his hotel room and then he sent us home, but...but he was still dangerous and I'm sure his brother is too, which is why you have to give that back. Tell him you...I don't know...found it on the ground or something
Dillon: I don't know it seems like an awful waste of effort considering what I just went through.
Georgie: Yeah but you don't want to mess with that guy. Whatever that opens, we don't want to know. So...ok, drop it on the ground. Leave it here. If he wants it, he'll come back for it.
Dillon: Whatever. (Drops remote on the ground) Got to be in the park anyway. (Starts to get up)
Georgie: (Stops him) No. No, Dillon don't go.
Dillon: It's fine.
Georgie: But just wait five minutes please?
Dillon: (takes a drink of his shake) It's OK (gets up and leaves)
(Dillon walks out and gets thrown up and pinned up against the wall as Lorenzo walks up)
Lorenzo: I believe you have something of mine.