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July 11, 2003

[Hotel Room]
(Screen pans on door with a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the doorknob)
Georgie: Well, did you read the book?
Dillon: Well, no, but I'm sorry there's just no way that it's better than the movie.
(Screen cuts to inside the room)
Georgie: How can you say that?
Dillon: Two words, ok? Gregory Peck..."To Kill A Mockingbird" was his greatest film role ever, hands down.
Georgie: Well, (puts her hand on his knees and turns to face him) I read the book.
Dillon: Mm-hmm, and?
Georgie: I loved it.
Dillon: More than the movie?
Georgie: Different from. The movie...I don't know...movies put everything out there...the characters, the world. You don't have to do much. With books, you have to be more involved and interactive. You have to use your imagination I guess.
Dillon: All right. I can see that, kind of. I'm just not much of a reader.
Georgie: Most guys aren't.
Dillon: Oh, aren't we sexist?
Georgie: Why don't you deal with it?
Dillon: Mm-hmm
(Georgie giggles)
Georgie: I remember the very first time I read "To Kill A Mockingbird." I was in Texas and it was so hot and still, I felt like I was in Maycomb, Alabama.
Dillon: What were you doing in Texas?
Georgie: My great-grandmother has a ranch up there, which is where my mom used to send us for the summers, me and Maxie. It's where my mom is now.
Dillon: Do you miss her?
Georgie: My mom?
Dillon: Mm-hmm.
Georgie: Sure. I mean, don't you miss yours?
Dillon: Um...well, I don't...well, I used to, you know, but it's kind of a waste of energy. She's...she's got her own life going on and everything, and I'm not really top of her priorities list, so...
Georgie: Yeah I know how that is. In our family Maxie's it. Everybody pays attention to her. That sounded really awful and jealous.
Dillon: No, I don't care how that sounded. I just wanted to know how you feel (scoots closer to her)
Georgie: I don't think I can blame my mom or Mac because I don't know...Maxie had this really, really rare disease when she was little. She almost died from it, and um I guess she's more special than I am. I wasn't even born in a hospital.
Dillon: What does that mean? The stork brought you?
Georgie: No. I was born under a table at Luke's. There's a plaque there and everything.
Dillon: Sounds pretty special to me.
Georgie: That's what's so awesome about you (puts his arms on her shoulders) I've only known you for a couple months but I feel closer to you than anyone else in my family. (Smiles at him)
(Dillon smiles and leans forward and touches their noses together and then pulls back and smiles at her)

Georgie: I can't believe we've been gone all night.
Dillon: Yeah. You know what? You know what? Good for us though and here's to many more to come. (Turns on music)
Georgie: Not for me.
Dillon: What? Wait a minute (climbs over bed to her) don't tell me you want want to go back already.
Georgie: I don't want to but...
Dillon: You just finished telling me (Georgie turns to face him) that you feel like an afterthought in your family and so do I. That's what this is. This is our chance to come first with ourselves and with each other. You know what I mean?
Georgie: This is really, really romantic and I love that side of you. But this isn't the end of some classic movie or romance novel where fireworks go off and we live happily ever after. This is so much fun being crazy and spontaneous. I never, ever imagined anything like this would happen to me. But I think it's time to go home before we get into a lot of trouble.
Dillon: Have you ever been in a lot of trouble?
Georgie: Not until lately. And I don't like it. Having things go out of scares me. And I never, ever want to go through that chaos Maxie's calling her life.
Dillon: I..I just want to make sure that you're not comparing me to Kyle. Because I would never do anything to hurt you and I need you to know that.
Georgie: I know. So...
Dillon: Ok.
Georgie: So, will you take me home?
Dillon: Yeah. Yeah if you want. (Looks at Georgie) Now?
Georgie: Please?
Dillon: OK I'll go get some wheels.
Georgie: We'll take the bus.
Dillon: I hate the bus.
Georgie: It'll be good for you.
Dillon: (Tickles her) Do you know the sacrifices I make for you?
Georgie: Dillon...
Dillon: Do you know what I do for you?
Georgie: OK! (Dillon stops tickling) I'm sorry I'm being so lame. You're probably sorry you ever brought me in the first place.
Dillon: No. No, not a chance.
(They smile and then kiss)
(Mac barges in)
Mac: Don't move.

(Mac puts handcuffs on Dillon)
Georgie: You can't do this. Stealing Kyle's bike was a joke.
Mac: I'm going to pretend I didn't just hear you implicate yourself in a felony. Because I know it wasn't your idea to steal the motorcycle and run away. It was...(turns to Dillon) Dillon's and you're going to face the consequences. I'm charging you with grand-theft auto and statutory rape.
Dillon: Rape? What...
Georgie: Rape? Wait, no Dillon never raped me. We never even had sex! Mac I swear we just kissed.
Mac: (To Dillon) Did you intend to cross state lines?
Dillon: Yes. As soon as I got there.
Mac: Yeah. On a stolen vehicle with a minor. That should be good for about five years.
Dillon: You want to arrest me? You want to lock me up and throw away the key? That's fine. But your daughter's still going to grow up anyway. Isn't that what's got you all hot and bothered?
Mac: You know what? I would quit while you're ahead.
Georgie: Mac, we did it together, and Dillon was going to take me back as soon as I chickened out I swear, we were on our way back. You have to let him go. Please.

[Police Station]
(Mac brings Dillon in, Georgie follows)
Mac: (To another cop) This is Dillon Quartermaine. We're arresting him for (looks from Dillon to Georgie) grand-theft auto. Sit down.
(Dillon sits)
Georgie: (moves in front of him and faces him) I can't believe he's doing this.
Dillon: Yeah. What happened is not your fault.
Georgie: I'm going to call Mac's bluff and make him charge me too.
Dillon: No. No, you're not. You're not, OK? I'm not going to let that happen and neither is Mac.
Georgie: Yeah but you wouldn't have even gotten busted if you hadn't taken me.
Dillon: That's true. The Quartermaines probably wouldn't have noticed if I was gone, but oh well.
Georgie: How can you be so calm? You're in the middle of a police station...handcuffed.
Dillon: I'll tell you how I can be so's because I know what's happening. I'll tell you what's happening right now. Mac is calling my grandfather, whose going to call his lawyer, who is going to come down here, sign some paperwork and get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor, and then I'm going to be set free. The only bad side of all this is that Mac now thinks I"m as bad as Kyle, and that means you're going to have to keep sneaking around if you want to see me. (Georgie looks at him) You do want to keep seeing me don't you? (Georgie smiles)