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July 14, 2003

[Police Station]
(Scott and some other cops bring Jason in handcuffed)
Scott: Mac.
Georgie: Oh good Jason's here. He'll keep my dad busy forever. He's a complete criminal.
Dillon: Yeah, that complete criminal is my cousin
Mac: (Looks at Jason) So what do we have on him this time?
Scott: Oh, violating a restraining order, B&E.
Mac: Should be good for about five or ten.
Scott: Oh, let's go for the 10, huh?
(Edward walks in)
Edward: All right. Let's make this quick, I have a transatlantic conference call to make. (Pulls out his checkbook)
(Scott walks up to Edward)
Scott: What's going on, Edward?
Edward: Don't you law enforcement drones ever speak to each other? I'm here to bail out my grandson.
Scott: Really? Which one?
(Edward looks from Dillon to Jason)

(Edward walks up to Jason)
Jason: He's not here for me.
Edward: I will never understand you, son. How bad does it have to be before you realize you can salvage what's left of your life?
Jason: My life's fine.
Edward: You are intolerably selfish. Does it ever occur to you that every time you commit a crime you are embarrassing your family?
Jason: You're not my family.
Edward: Does Lila deserve better than this, huh? You're going to prison, that's what.
Jason: Why don't you leave Lila out of this?
Edward: Yeah.
Jason: Baldwin, can I have a room please?
Scott: Sure, would you like an ocean view? (Takes Jason into the interrogation room)
(Edward walks up to Dillon and Georgie)
Edward: And now for the felon in training.
Georgie: (Stands up) Mr. Quartermaine I can explain.
Edward: (To Dillon) I hope you got a good look around. You see where a life of crime can lead you.
Georgie: Dillon doesn't want to go to jail.
Edward: That's why I'm here to post your bail. On two conditions.
Dillon: Oh, this will be good.
Edward: First, you agree to abide by my rules and the rules of the family.
Dillon: That's one.
Edward: And you will apologize immediately for disgracing the family name.
Dillon: You know what? I think my cousin had it right.
Edward: How's that?
Dillon: The Quartermaines are the real prison. I'll take my chances.

Edward: So you really want to be a thug like Jason, huh?
Dillon: Better than a suck up like AJ.
Georgie: Mr. Quartermaine he's really freaked out. He's not himself at all.
Dillon: How would he know? He wrote me off since day one.
Edward: So, aren't you going to apologize?
Dillon: No. No, I'm not. But I'll vow never to give a damn what you think. How about that?
Edward: All right. We'll see how well you do spending a night in a jail cell rather than your well-appointed bedroom in my home. God. (Starts to walk away)
Georgie: (Follows him and stops him) Oh. Mr. Quartermaine wait. Just...Dillon's covering for me. It was my idea to take the motorcycle and run.
Edward: I cannot believe that your mother would leave you girls unattended like this for such a long period of time.
Georgie: But that's why I did it. Um...I was hoping I'd get her mad enough to come back and uh Dillon didn't want me doing anything crazy on my own so he was...he was protecting me.
Edward: (glances at Dillon) I still expect an apology.
Georgie: And you''ll get it. Just one second. (Walks over to Dillon and puts her hands on his knees and kneels down in front of him)
Dillon: Can you believe that old windbag?
Georgie: Suck it up and say you're sorry.
Dillon: I'm not.
Georgie: Do it for me.
(Dillon stares at Georgie)

(Dillon glances at Edward and then turns back to Georgie)
Dillon: My grandfather just wants to control me.
Georgie: Yeah but we did steal Kyle's bike and run.
Dillon: Yeah and I'd do it again.
Georgie: You would? (Smiles)
Dillon: Yes. Yesterday was amazing. I mean, I haven't felt that good since...Boy I don't think I've ever felt that good.
Georgie: It was pretty awesome, wasn't it?
Dillon: Yeah. I mean, we just...we just rode. We didn't have to think. It's been forever since I didn't have to think. It felt right.
Georgie: It was. But if you ever want to do anything like that again you can't be stuck in jail.
Dillon: (Stares at her) That matters to you?
Georgie: Yeah. I want to see you all the time.
(Edward walks up)
Edward: So, Dillon Georgie insists that you have something to say to me.
(Georgie stands up)
Georgie: He does.
Dillon: I'm...
Edward: You know as shocking as your behavior has been, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Let's just chalk it up to your raging hormones.
Dillon: Hormones? (Looks at Georgie)
Edward: Yes, what were you thinking letting this little girl drag you around on a two-day crime spree?
Dillon: It wasn't her idea.
Edward: Of course it was! Her mother has been an absentee mother for years now. Allowing both of those girls to just run wild in the streets and create havoc.
Dillon: Her mother is visiting her sick grandmother in Texas. Hello.
Edward: Then she should be making her mother's life easier instead of running around wild with you, trying to talk you into being a delinquent like she is.
Dillon: (Stands up) You know what, last time I checked fossils didn't run my life!
Edward: What's that?
Dillon: In order to apologize to you, I'd have to respect you, and I don't. You are a vindictive, evil, pompous, old relic, and I would rather spend my life in jail, then listen to you. S you can go back to that lunatic asylum you call a home, grandfather, because I am just fine right here.
Edward: Tracy has always been a blight on this family. And I see that her legacy has...has continued in you (leaves)
(Georgie walks over to Dillon)
Dillon: I know what you're going to say. I'm sorry.
Georgie: Dillon...
Dillon: I just could not let him...
Georgie: Dillon, you are the bravest guy I've ever met.
(Dillon chuckles and smiles at her)
Dillon: Thank you.
Georgie: You're welcome.
(They smile at each other)

[Interrogation Room]
(Dillon comes in dressed in prison clothes. Georgie's waiting for him)
Dillon: Hi.
Georgie: Are you ok?
Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm not crazy about the outfit. (Playing with his pant leg) You think they'd let me rivet these a little bit? Maybe...
Georgie: I'm sorry, Dillon.
Dillon: No, no it's ok I mean, I know my jacket's cooler anyway, so...
Georgie: No, about not getting you out of this and getting caught in the first place.
Dillon: It's not your fault.
Georgie: Yeah but I could've convinced...
Dillon: Would you just listen to me for one minute? You see where we are? (Takes her hands)
Georgie: Yeah.
Dillon: Forget that, ok? Forget where we are for one second.
Georgie: It's kind of hard.
Dillon: I know just (sits down on the edge of the table and pulls her closer to him) go with me here, ok?
Georgie: Where?
Dillon: Yesterday. You remember how warm it was? The felt good on my face.
Georgie: I know.
Dillon: And we...what did we do? We broke the speed limit, by like, 30 miles and you were hanging on tight, and everything was perfect. I can't...I can't think of anything better than what happened yesterday.
Georgie: Staying up all night was pretty cool.
Dillon: Yeah. No adults, no parents telling us what do do.
Georgie: I was free. I don't think I've ever felt like that.
Dillon: And I was happy. You have no idea how rare that is.
Georgie: I do.
Dillon: You make me that way, ok? (Kisses her hand) You mean so much to me and I would do anything for you and I need you to know that.
Georgie: I feel the same way about you.
(Dillon takes her face in his hands and touches their noses and then kisses her twice)