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July 15, 2003

(An angry Georgie walks in and over to the table Kyle and Maxie are sitting at)
Georgie: You lying little snake!
Maxie: Uh, me?
Georgie: I don't see anyone else who double-crossed me lately. How long did you wait until you told Mac I left with Dillon? 20 minutes? 10? Maxie, what happened to 24 hours?
Maxie: (Stands up) Ok, you know what, Georgie? You never told me you were taking off on a stolen bike.
Georgie: Feel real good about yourself, Maxie, because of you and your big mouth, Dillon's in jail.

Maxie: Dillon's in jail because he stole Kyle's bike, Georgie. All Kyle did was report it. I mean, you can't blame us because Dillon's out of control.
Georgie: Unbelievable. You open your mouth and Kyle's words come out. Maxie, your pathetic. How long are you going to let this guy play you for a sucker?
Kyle: (Stands up and turns around) How was your first time in a motel room, Georgie? (Georgie turns around to face him) Did Dillon deliver or was he another wimp like Lucas?
(Georgie slaps Kyle)

Maxie: Have you completely lost it, Georgie? You just hit Kyle. What were you thinking?
Kyle: Obviously Georgie's being influenced by her new boyfriend, the criminal.
Georgie: Maxie, if you're expecting an apology forget it. And if you had any self-respect whatsoever, you'd slapped him a long time ago. (Looks at Kyle) He's a pig. He's not worth the skin he's wasting and he's here at Kelly's probably whipping you into some sick game, while Dillon...Dillon rots in jail.
Maxie: Yeah, well you know what, Georgie? You're just going to have to live with it. And, by the way, you're not allowed to see Dillon. And in case you've forgotten in all this excitement, you and I have been exiled to candy striper help for the rest of the summer.
Georgie: If Mac thinks that I'm going to just slap on some dumb uniform and fall in line like a good little soldier, he's got another thing coming. And I intend to see Dillon whether I'm allowed to or not. (Storms out)