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July 23, 2003

[Pier 52]
(Camera shows Dillon knocked out and somebody's foot crushing the cell phone)

(Dillon lays unconscious)
Georgie: Dillon? Dillon, are you here? (Sees Dillon lying on the ground, coming to) Dillon! (Runs to his side) Hey, are you ok? What...what happened?
Dillon: Yeah, no I'm OK I think I...I think I hit my head (grabs Georgie's hand and then notices the fire) What's on fire? (Starts to get up)
Georgie: A boat. It was coming into the harbor and it...(Dillon stands up) it just blew up. I was...I was about to call 911 that the boat you were supposed to call about? (Holds his arm)
Dillon: I don't know, I don't know. I was going to make my call and then somebody came up from behind me and...(notices crushed cell phone on the ground and bends down to pick it up)
Georgie: OK Well, come on.
(Dillon reaches in his pocket)
Dillon: They didn't...they didn't rob me (hands Georgie cell phone) or anything, they just...I guess they didn't want me to make that call.
Georgie: You know what, we really, (bends down and picks up the binoculars) really, really need to get out of here.
Dillon: OK All right.
Georgie: (Walks in front of him and takes his hand) Come on.
Dillon: Let's go.
Georgie: Let's go.

[General Hospital]
(Dillon's holding an ice pack on his head)
Dillon: I don't need an x-ray, OK? I'm fine.
Georgie: What if your skull's cracked?
Dillon: It's a bump on the head
Bobbie: Well keep the ice on it because at the very least, you have a contusion. So whose officially your guardian these days?
Dillon: I don't have one. Look, I don't...I don't need an x-ray or anything that would require a legal guardian to come in and sign papers or give permission or anything. I'm really fine. (To Georgie) Came we go? I'm going to...(starts to leave)
Georgie: Yeah (starts to follow but Bobbie stops her) Yeah?
Bobbie: Dillon needs to stay awake for the next few hours. And if he should experience any nausea or dizziness or severe headache, bring him back in.
Georgie: I will. Thank you Bobbie. (Turns around and sees Alcazar's henchman coming off the elevator.)
(Dillon notices her look and turns to see the guy)
Dillon: Look, I couldn't make the call, OK? I was attacked.
Guy: Did you get a look at who did it?
Dillon: No. (Guy gives him a look) What? I didn't. (Guy reaches into his pocket and pulls out money), no, no, no I don' keep that. I don't want his money anymore, OK? Tell him I'm done.
Guy: Not until Mr. Alcazar says you are. (Gives him the money and leaves)
Georgie: This is getting a little out of hand. I mean, a joy ride on Kyle's bike was one thing, but boats are blowing up, you almost got your skull cracked open? I mean, maybe we should go to Jason and you should tell him that Alcazar's, like, recruiting you.
Dillon: No, no, no I hardly even know Jason, OK? I'm not going to him. I'm going to do this on my own (walks towards elevator)

[Outside Kelly's]
(Jason throws Dillon up against the wall)
Dillon: What the hell are you doing?
Jason: I was going to ask you the same question.
Dillon: (Moves Jason's hand) OK, so what is your problem?
Jason: You are. If you keep working for Alcazar.
Dillon: Look, he paid me to deliver a letter, all right? I did it.
Jason: It was a ransom not. And I told you that night that Alcazar's trouble that you don't need, so why are you going near him still?
Dillon: What, you think this is my choice? You think I did this on my own? Some no-neck comes up to me, gives me $100 and his cell phone, tells me I have to go to Pier 52 and wait for some sort of signal, at which point, I have to make a phone call. Only I don't make that phone call because somebody knocks me out. All right, I come to, there's fire, there's flames, I don't know what's going on. I don't know who did it or why, but I'll tell you one's probably not Alcazar.
Jason: You still don't get it, do you? Alcazar saw us talking. He's using you. He's pulling you into something that's gonna get you killed.

Jason: Just go back to the Quartermaines, for now. They may be crazy but they won't get you killed. Messing with Alcazar will.
Dillon: I just delivered the letter, OK? I don't know why you wanted me to...
Jason: Because Alcazar knew I would eventually find out. And now I'm going to have to decide if you're a threat.
Dillon: What does that mean?
Jason: That means the people who work for Alcazar are obstacles that need to be removed and now you know what, it turns out that one of the people is related to me. Now, that's a problem, Dillon. That's one I don't want to have to solve.
Dillon: OK All right...
Jason: Do you get it?
Dillon: All right. I get that. So Alcazar's using me to complicate your life. That's fine and all but, but don't you think I could use it against him? I mean, you know, I start working for him, I get in deeper, I get you information that you need. Right?
Jason: Oh you want want to spy now? Is that...spy on Alcazar?
Dillon: Yeah, hey, the guy came to me. All right? He's not going to suspect anything, OK? I mean, I can do this so easily. I've seen it in a hundred movies, you just...
Jason: In a hundred the movies? What do you think this is? I'm trying to save your life! know, I don't even know why. Maybe because Lila's my grandmother too, and I know what it feels like to be trapped in that house with those people. I'm telling you Alcazar is not the solution. Neither am I (Leaves)