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"Young Love, First Love"
(Courtesy of Soaps In Depth September 2, 2003 issue)

"'They're so real!' message boards scream about GENERAL HOSPITAL's newest supercouple, Georgie and Dillon. We couldn't agree more. So we endeavored to find out what happens when their portrayers, Lindze Letherman (Georgie) and Scott Clifton (Dillon), sat down and got really real. Want to know, too? Read on!

Recipe For Success
Soaps In Depth: Why are GH viewers so taken with Dillon and Georgie as a young couple in love?
Lindze Letherman: I think they like Georgie and Dillon because Georgie is so inexperienced and a lot of people can relate to that.
Scott Clifton: No, no, no. That's true, but we have a quote. Are you ready? Why do fans like us? "Because we're not cousins!"
Letherman: You are so evil.
Clifton: I was looking on-line because I wanted to see what people thought. The only thing I saw over and over again was, "They're not cousins."
Letherman: I never saw that. I saw "Georgie and Dillon are so cute together"

Hip To Be Square
In Depth: Dillon being an old movie buff is a fun personality quirk.
Clifton: I love that when I first read it.
Letherman: It's the dorkiest stuff, and he pulls it off. Dillon's the coolest.
Clifton: Dillon is a dork. In ever movie ever made, you've got the dork in dorky situations. But what happens when you put a dork in a cool situation? That's when Dillon shines. He's grown so much as a character in an extremely short amount of time. I think what makes him likable is that he's human. He can't fight, he doesn't know what to say at times... and he's go the worst hair in the world!
Letherman: I like the hair. It should have its own social security number.

Huggable Hunk
In Depth: What does Georgie think of Dillon?
Letherman: He's the cat's meow. I think people like him because he's so not perfect. People can relate to that.
Clifton: I was talking to one of the writers and I asked how they pictured Dillon before I came on. He goes, "We wanted somebody funny-looking." I dwelled on that for a while. Then I came to the realization that I can like that I'm funny-looking.
Letherman: According to the Internet, "Scott is so hot!"
Clifton: You could have the ugliest person in the world and if they like the things you do, you heart's going to break.
Letherman: Okay, Scott. I've really got to give you that.
Clifton: So many people say they want to give Dillon a hug because the poor guy's been through so much. I'm not a model. I'm not a teen icon at all. I'm the exact opposite.
Letherman: That's why you're cool... because you're anti-cool.

Heart Of The Matter
In Depth: Since day one, Dillon has been attracted to Georgie. What does he see in her?
Letherman: I'm sexy. (She laughs)
Clifton: Dillon comes from all over Europe. He gets to America, and all he sees are shallow, self-involved people. Georgie's a breath of fresh air to him. He's said that Georgie doesn't only think about lip gloss and prom. I love that line because that's Maxie.
Letherman: Georgie is what she is, and you can accept it or decline it. That's why she enjoys Dillon's company so much - he's accepted her for her. She hasn't had to be phony [with] him.
Clifton: There was a while where I was hoping Georgie wouldn't drool over Lucas too long. Dillon likes Georgie because she's not your typical teenager. But she was starting to become that. I was scared that it would be unbelievable for Dillon to play interested in her for too long. But then I got a bite!

Kiss And Tell
In Depth: Was GH your first screen kiss?
Clifton: Lindze told me this was her second kiss ever. I thought it was so cute that she was, "Um... so... uh... do I? I'm just gonna... you know... yeah."
Letherman: I'm about to kill him.
Clifton: Just to torture her, they had about 15 takes. And I wasn't supposed to be paying attention when she kisses me. She has to turn my head toward her, and each time I see these lips going whoosh, coming at me.
Letherman: I'm so inexperienced in all this. It was scary for me. How do you like that, buddy?
Clifton: Lindze, you have a sense of realism and a sense of naiveté, while you, as a 14-year-old girl, have this mature anti-naviete about you. I wonder if you've ever been in Georgie's place in your life. It seems like you skipped that and moved right on to semi-adult. I respect that you can be a full-on, completely natural teenager. Flawless.
Letherman: Wow! I really can't top that. Thank you, Scott."