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August 5, 2003: Dillon confesses to Mac. Dillon sees a drug transaction between Faith and a dealer.

August 6, 2003: Georgie takes the briefcase to Sonny's and gives it to Courtney. Meanwhile, Faith starts to seduce Dillon.

August 7, 2003: Georgie saves Dillon from Faith's seduction but is hurt when he makes a comment on Faith's kissing. She blows up and later he goes to her room and apologizes and they end up in a kiss.

August 8, 2003: Georgie and Dilon's kiss turns passionate. :)

August 11, 2003: Dillon tells Georgie she's special to him and that he's lucky to know her after hearing about Maxie's heart transplant.

August 20, 2003: Dillon takes Georgie out for their first date to The Cellar. They dance and kiss only to get interrupted by Maxie, Kyle and Zach. Later Dillon stands up to two guys that Alcazar hired to torch The Cellar, causing Alcazar warning him about staying out of his business.

August 22, 2003: Dillon unknowningly stops Jason from killing Alcazar and later sees Georgie at the hospital.

August 26, 2003: Ned offers Dillon a job at ELQ. Dillon tells Georgie he wants to matter to someone and she tells him he matters to her.

August 28, 2003: Dillon politely declines Lorenzo's previous job offer. Georgie finds out that Dillon's decided to take the ELQ job. Then she shows up at the office with chocolate chip cookies and kisses him.

August 29, 2003: Georgie tells Dillon that the mob stuff is starting to sound like second nature to him. Later they run into Lorenzo on the docks.

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