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Scott Clifton's letter to his fans!
(Courtesy of "Dillon & Georgie Online Message Board")

As a member of the great "Dillon and Georgie Online" message board, I couldn't help myself from posting this. Scott Clifton himself actually stopped by the board and posted on it and in the post he included a letter that was dedicated to all of his fans!! So I thought I'd include the post here. Enjoy!

"Hey guys,

It's Scott, Dillon, or whatever it is you guys might want to call me, LOL. Anyway, last night I sat down and wrote out a letter that I'm going to start sending via email and snailmail to everyone who's written to me so far (whether I've already responded to them or not). I know not everyone that posts at this site has actually written to me personally, but I figured I ought to let as many people in on this as I can.

On a side note, before I get to the meat, I just want to express how awestruck I am with this board. You guys are such a cool bunch and I love, love, love that you guys get a kick out of talking about GQ! (I love reading what you have to say, it's turning into a guilty pleasure...) Okokokokok I know, I'm getting off topic, so I guess I ought to just let you read what's below. Thanks alot everyone!

To My Friends,

I really hope that you will all forgive the formality of what seems like some sort of form-letter. If I wrote a fan letter to someone, I would hate to feel like I wasn't receiving a response on a personal level, so I just want to get it out on the table that I'm sorry for doing this to you guys. I cannot express how overwhelmed I am at the spontaneous and continuous outpour of support and compliments that I have been receiving since starting work on General Hospital. Literally overnight I went from being a struggling actor with constant auditions, acting classes and a minimum-wage job to where I am now. It's funny how life works...

Here I am on General Hospital, and while I am by no means a “star”, I stare at my inbox and this huge pile of mail and wonder how the real stars and celebrities handle all of this. I really did try to respond to everyone. I still do. However, now, as I look at this growing stack of affectionate mail (online and on paper), I begin to realize that if I took the time to properly respond to each one I would have no time to sleep, to write my music, to see my friends, play with my wolf, much less do the very job that put me in this awesome position in the first place. Simply put, I am having trouble keeping up with all of it. Your positive comments mean the world to me and I never want it to stop. I need to hear from you. It really does encourage and keep me going.

I know you guys have lives of your own. Jobs, families, friends, bills to pay. You've had your share of good times, hard times, drama and comedy. In a sense, each of you are the star of your own Soap Opera. And I know none of you had to write to me, nobody forced you. You took the time out of your schedules to sit down, type or write it out, and one way or another send it to me, because you had the heart to let me know I'm doing a good job for you. There is absolutely no greater honor than that for me. I am humbled by it, and I never want to let go of it.

And more than anything, I want you all to understand that if you do not hear from me right away or at all its not because I don't appreciate it or care. I read each and every letter that I receive. Last night I got home at 11pm and read all the mail for two hours. I thank each and everyone one of you so much I can't even tell you.

On a less mushy note, you all have so many questions and I will try to answer as many as I can as soon as possible, but for now here are a couple off the top of my head:

PICTURES: Believe it or not I have none. Before I booked this show I was using the crappiest head shots on the face of the earth but I couldn’t afford to get new ones. GH/ABC has begun to take some promotional ones that will soon be available for press and of course you guys. In the meantime I will make some of the less disgusting personal snapshots available to you all soon.

A SCOTT CLIFTON WEB PAGE: Man, that sounds so strange! I have had more than 10 offers to do my official site. While I appreciate the offers, I have decided on an alternative option and the information will be released when it’s ready. It will be a simple page that will have regular updates, links to my music, some lyrics, Q & A, some pics and stuff like that. I'm not the greatest with computers so you guys will have to forgive me on that.

CONTRACT: It’s a little early for that, isn’t it? There are folks on this show who have been there for years and no contract. So I guess I will have to wait my turn. Not that I wouldn't totally love to have a contract...{cough cough, wink wink}

THE HAIR: It seems to be the type of hair that you just either love or hate, LOL. The powers that be wanted to give me a look that no one else had on the show. I think it's really cool, but I can see how people would be distracted by it.

THE NECKLACE: Yes, it's mine offscreen too. It's a bear claw, in case it's hard to tell. It just reminds me of a very special time in my life, and it's really cool that the wardrobe department allowed me to wear it as Dillon too. I feel like it's a little bit of a bridge for the gap between myself and the character I play.

MY MUSIC: I'm not signed to a record label, but I'm working on it. (I wonder if being on GH helps with that? LOL) I've got a few demos of my songs recorded, but they really aren't of a quality I would want to share quite yet. But on the website, I'm going to probably post some of my lyrics in case you guys are interested.

Before I wrap this up, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart a very sincere thanks. The producers and writers and even crew people have informed me that your comments are being read and received whether in e-mail, phone calls or online postings. Even the president of ABC Daytime has commented on having gotten some of your email. I cannot thank you all enough. With your help I will be Generally Hospitalized for some time to come.

...And Rose, if you're reading this, you make it all worth it.

Take care of yourselves,

-Scott Clifton"